Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Friday after Christmas.

So I'm thinking this Friday wasn't going to be that great,especially when my alarm went off at 7:10 this morning.  Yes, I had to work.  I snoozed twice and then got up and got in the shower.  Off I go to work and I realize that I'm out of gas.  There were two gas stations between where I live and work on the way that I went this morning.  I stopped at the lesser of the two at the Tom Thumb (Randalls or Safeway for you elsewhere) and figured with my 10 cent "reward card" discount it was reasonable.  Low and behold  I got 70 cents off a gallon of gas and paid $1.19 for premium.  I thought it was my lucky day.  I filled up my German engineered car for $16.37.  I think that is a record.  

Well, that's not all.  I was running out of time when I got close to work and didn't have time to go to Starbucks to use my gift card so I ran thru the drive-thru at McDonalds and they were giving away free coffee.  FREE. 

I'm waiting for Aaron Eckhart or Viggo Mortensen to knock on my door.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It is the season.....

I wish the world a very Merry Christmas.  May you find peace, joy & love.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random thoughts from an insomniac...

Why is it when you are awake and want to love the cats they won't get anywhere near you, but when you want to sleep they decide they need attention or worse lay on top of you?

I watched The Princess Bride & Legal Eagles tonight.  The latter out of complete boredom.  

I hid my husbands Christmas Present and told him he could have it as soon as he found it.  He can't find it.  HEHEHE!!

Its freezing outside - literally.  

I wonder if Dirty Jobs is on.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I don't even get paid for my ads....

Great new blog I discovered or rather was introduced to through someone else's shameless self promotion.  You know no one will toot your horn like well, you.  So check it out, it looks to be great fun if you are girly and like girly stuff.  Its entitled Green Beauty Queen and her company is Brown Bag Botanicals.  You know if you've read my blog I'm a huge fan of Lush.  Well this just might be better.  OMG, yes I said it.  Lush if you're reading this a gift card should be in order  to keep me interested.  (Do you think that will work?)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mike Rowe Played with my hair.

I went to sleep watching Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs and I ended up having the most interesting of dreams.  I had a hair appointment this morning.  The dream/job:  dyeing my hair!  Is that not the most awesome of all dreams, having Mike Rowe washing your hair - girls stop for a second and close your eyes and hear his voice and then imagine him running his fingers through your hair.  

You are excited now aren't you. 

Now imagine having that dream all-night-long.  Now you're jealous right.  Well, next time you have an appointment at the salon, watch Dirty Jobs the night before and you too could be this cheerful in the morning.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Caption Please:

Yes, I realize I need to wipe off the table, but as I was cleaning off the table I came back to the dining room and found this.....

I can't seem to come up with a good caption.  I mean was the cat looking for left over pizza or telling us "No More, you are on a diet!"  Or does he just have a box fetish?  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where do I start?

I'm having trouble expressing myself lately.  Things I think are smart and funny come out dumb and flat.  I think I need a break - from what I'm not sure - but a break.  I need to completely stop and get organized and back where I want to be.  Its driving me insane! Insane I say.  Things that were suppose to be done have not been done - some are completely my fault and some are not.  As much as I would like to blame this whole mess on someone else I could always get off my butt and do it myself.  I just know that I don't have enough time to block off at once to deal with it and I all of a sudden develop ADD when I try to clean.  I hate it.  I start in one room and then go to another to put something up and I do a few things in that room and move to the next, then the next instead of every accomplishing a particular task.  

I just want to have the worry that clouds my mind on a daily basis to blow out the window so that my vision is clear again.  I want to be funny, I want to worry less, I want more experiences than I want more things.  I just have to get there.  

Although I have been purging stuff from my home and my life, I haven't really begun to skim the surface of what needs to be done.  Somewhere somehow I need to chart my path and then start walking.  Some of its lack of motivation, probably due to depression.  I rarely find myself at the bottom of the bipolar spectrum, but I have hit it big time.  I am soooo much more fun manic.  Truly I am.  I want to help my friends too.  I know I'm not the only one having issues, but I feel that I have to figure out my own before I can get to the next step so now I've found I'm not as good a friend as I usually am.  

It may take me a little while to get back to where I need to be.  Maybe over the holidays my spirit will lift.  What I really need is to stomp my foot like a two year old and say my - time that is, and just take it for myself.  But the questions is will I do it?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Can you say Greedy__________....

I'm pissed off that the people (this includes politicians too!) can't get their heads out of their butts long enough to realize we have a giant problem. We are in an economic crisis and still we can't get what really needs to be done so that the US can get out of it. Here are some of the things that are pissing me off:
  1. The auto worker's unions refusing to take a pay cut. HELLO!!!!! Are you big giant idiots. I hope that the government doesn't bail your companies out and then you won't have a job and hopefully you will starve to death, because you were completely set on screwing the rest of America because of your greed.
  2. I think the fact that we are planning to spend WAY too much money on inauguration parties when America is going broke is WRONG! Truman didn't go crazy in the depression, why should we do it now. Its common sense guys.
  3. Health care - don't get me started on health care.  I can't afford the health care I have, which doesn't cover enough.  And I don't think socialized medicine is the answer either because waiting 6 months for an MRI is just ridiculous.  There has to be a happy medium.   Maybe routine exams, vaccines and emergent care under one umbrella.  While major medical is an additional something.  Heck, I don't know the answer, but something has to be better than the current system
  4. Oh and one other complaint.  WHY cancel quality shows on television for reality crap that sucks.  ABC you cancelled my favorite show - Eli Stone.  What's left Dancing with the Has-Beens.  Even if I accidentally cross that show on the way to something else I throw up just a little in my mouth, and as "uplifting" as Extreme Home Makeover is I can't stand to watch it anymore.  EVER.  Give it a rest please, besides all the house keep getting foreclosed on.

Rant over for the time being.  Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm not bored, I'm just boring....

I have nothing interesting to say.  NOTHING.  So lets just make a list of stuff that's going on or I don't know questions that should be answered.  Chime in whenever something catches your fancy...
  • My hair needs WAY more than just a deep condition.  Its so dry I need to soak it overnight in oil.
  • Its cold here - it didn't get above freezing until mid-afternoon.  This is Texas.  I've sunbathed on Christmas.  Is not suppose to get this cold this early.
  • My cats have worse sibling rivalry than my kids after being stuck inside due to the weather.
  • My husband is still strange - this may never change, but I hope every day.  His latest "song"  is My Afro is so Large.  See, I told you he was strange
  • I really could use some chocolate right now.
  • Laundry seems to multiply when I'm not looking and I spent way too much at Sam's Club today.  Why?  I'm really really mad at Target.  So they can't have any of my money right now.
  • Drama - its everywhere.
Well, its time to deal with the next load of clothes and I don't know if I could come up with another bullet point if I tried.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Does Democrat = Creative?

Do you have to be a democrat to be truly creative?  I mean most actors/writers/celebrities are democrats aren't they?  Yes there is that guy, you know, the one who's now governor.  And that other ex-governor, but he used to be a wrestler and that's not creative is it?  

I am convinced I am a liberal republican or a conservative democrat.  Does that make me an Independent or what?  If I'm a liberal republican should I just give up all  my creative dreams, or do I just choose the conservative democrat so I can be famous?  Yes, I know I will only be famous in my own mind, but that's OK with me.

Yes the election is over, but the new government is being formed.  I say new as if its really going to change, but we know it really won't.  There are so many current politicians or former cabinet members from current/previous administrations that there really is no NEW its only RE-organized.  But that's not what this post is about.  Do you know any creative Republicans?  Seriously, creative types are generally democrats.  I don't know many conservative celebrities.  
So I guess my question is...  Does Republican = boring? 

Dear Santa...

Christmas is not coming for the adults in my family this year.  Its been a rough last few months for everyone.  The economy sucks BIG time and well, the budget just doesn't call for extravagance.  But just in-case there is a Santa here is a few things I need:

  • Some new kitchen towels - mine are looking well worn.
  • I really need a hair cut and color if you are so inclined.
  • A new vacuum as I can only use the hose on the one I have now (and while its great for the baseboards it sucks when I get to the rugs).
  • I'd love something that makes me look 10 lbs thinner.
  • Adobe Photoshop with Lightroom for my Mac

Not much OK, the Photoshop & Lightroom maybe be a little over the top, but it can't hurt to ask right?  Oh and thanks in advance.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rumblings, Bumblings

I am completely and utterly stumped.  Me, Dijea, the one who could talk for hours has nothing to say.  I have writer's block or something.  I would like to say something witty about my interesting day, but nothing interesting happened.  I did admit that it had been a while since I shaved my legs.  I will be taking care of that tonight.  Excited?  Probably not.  I also worked out.  YEA!  Its been a while since I did that.  Probably since The Husband had surgery.  He goes back to work on Monday.  THANK THE LORD!  Anyway, this kind of hot guy took his shirt off for a second that was nice, but so did the 80+ year old that was walking with a cane so his wife could dry him off before they went home. 


That totally ruined the hot guy shirtless.   My husband baked a cake and cooked dinner today.  I feel like a failure at the mom thing.  Maybe I can do better when he goes back to work.  Maybe.  I feel kind of like a failure at a lot of things.  Although I did inform Mrs. Unstable about the whole Avery suspension before she heard it elsewhere - that is kind of a coup.  

I am looking forward to doing something exciting.  If anyone has any ideas, please do not hesitate to let me know.  Obviously I am having a creative crisis if you've read any of this post. I'm off to see if I have enough energy to do the next job in Mob Wars.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did you remember?

Did you remember about Blog Comment Day?  If not read here.  Guess what, I did it.  You don't want to be left out do you?

You know you want to....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

If your an actor, you should be able to act

Today I saw Quantum of Solace.  I really enjoyed it except for the obvious reference to Goldfinger and the stupid Bond Girl name of Strawberry Fields.  I enjoyed stupid Bond girl names when it was Pussy Galore and the movies were infused with humor, but a rougher tougher bond, shouldn't have a girl named Strawberry Fields.  Seriously.  But never in the whole movie did I think Daniel Craig is so awesome, because all I saw was James Bond.  And I love that James Bond.  

Now before the movie they had a preview of Valkyrie.  All I saw was Tom Cruise not Clause von Stauffenburg.  Did you even know that was his character's name?  I didn't I had to look it up.  When was the last time you watched anything with Tom Cruise in it where you lost him in his character?  Risky Business?  I won't ever choose to pay to see a Tom Cruise movie again.  I just don't see point.  Movies are an escape and I'd rather escape that watch him.  

I still have not managed to watch Twilight.  Its on my list, but there was no way The Husband was going to go watch that.  Not that I will complain, having to watch Daniel Craig is never a hardship.  EVER. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I also want to say I am thankful for Turkey, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, mashed potatoes, fresh homemade rolls, etc.  He! He! He!  You know me I had to say something ridiculous.

Seriously I am thankful for my family, friends (this includes all you nuts who read this!), my job (seriously in this economy we should be thankful for our jobs), double ovens that are allowing me to get everything cooked for tomorrow, chocolate chip cookies, cake, wine - can't forget that, cats, truckers - they do bring us lots of stuff even if they screw up the road doing it.  I am thankful that I have a wicked dry sense of humor, because without it my sanity would have left me long ago.  :) 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

Monday, November 24, 2008

I spent the afternoon with my camera

I worked my usual 6 hours today, and ran to the bank on my way home.  The Husband looked like he needed a break and it was a beautiful day.  So I suggested a trip to the Arboretum for pictures.  YEA!  I had the most pleasant of afternoons with my youngest.  E, the oldest, decided he didn't want to go anywhere.  Check out my favorite pic for the afternoon.  H2 and I took in some much needed fall color.

Then we drove home and I was so at peace with everything.  Everyone who reads this blog knows that doesn't happen often.  I reboot in nature, what can I say I'm a Virgo.  Then I convinced everyone to go over to the lake with me to watch the sunset.  Surprise, my children took on look at the sun picked up a stick and started playing in the mud.  Oh well, maybe one day they will appreciate stuff like this.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doesn't this look like fun?

People blog for all kinds of different reasons. Some blog to get their thoughts out in a public diary; others blog to share their expertise with others; many more blog for a dozen other reasons.

Though there may be 100 reasons why people blog, I've yet to meet a blogger who doesn't appreciate comments. For this reason I'm starting Blog Comment Day on December 3, 2008. Here's how it works:

  • On December 3, 2008 you will leave one comment on at least 5 different blogs.
  • Out of the 5 blogs you comment on, at least 2 of them will be blogs you haven't commented on previously.

That's it. Simple, right?

Where to from here?

  1. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know if you're participating by leaving a comment in this post.
  2. Feel free to save and use the banner in this post.
  3. Please consider promoting this on your blog. Feel free to copy anything I've written here to promote Blog Comment Day.
  4. Encourage others to leave a comment here if they are participating.

Thanks for helping to make the blogosphere a more conversational place!

Dear President Bush, President-Elect Obama, The US House of Representatives, The US Senate and all other elected officials:

I understand your need to help corporations. I do. There are a lot of people who work for these corporations that will lose their jobs if you don’t. But stop for a minute and think about this. For example. You bail out the automakers. Great, most of the people who work there will still have a job. The upper management will get their bonuses. They will continue to make products that are not environmentally sound. But will that solve the problem if the average consumer is suffering so much that they cannot purchase any automobiles? The places that the money was suppose to go when Congress voted on it is not where the money is actually going. My husband has lost about 30% of his retirement in his 401K. Yippee!! The idea of saving more my kids college is not even imaginable due to the money it is taking to just put groceries on the table. Hello - $3 bread is kind of ridiculous. I’m amazed at how anyone can afford meat anymore and remain healthy. Even hamburger meat that is 85% lean – which is 15% fat is still 3.99 a pound and if you want better say 90% you are looking at $5 or better.

PEOPLE need help, not corporations. Forgive debt, or maybe let us get loans from you (if we qualify and only if we qualify) for no interest loans to refinance our debt. We need to stabilize the economy by starting from the ground up not the top down.

Let me make a few suggestions. Just small ideas that might help start you brainstorm to create a better America. First, lets think about what we need.

1. We need to lower unemployment by creating more jobs.
2. We need to create a way to lower debt in this country.
3. We need our corporations to remove waste from their budgets.
4. We need better healthcare.
5. We need to improve the environment.

Ok, so how can we fix it.

1. We need to fix some of the infrastructure. If we fixed the railways, (create jobs) we could get trucks off the road (cleaner environment and less wear & tear on the roads) and lower transport costs (lower grocery/fuel etc). This is a win/win situation in my book.

2. Corporations need to stop bonuses and “special” spa trips to keep their upper management happy. There are enough people out of work that could replace the jerks who want perks to stay in their jobs. CEO’s need to get their bonuses from end-of-year profits and not guarantee them bonuses just because they had a title. Also, make corporations pay a penalty for sending their jobs overseas. Keep the jobs here.

3. Healthcare is a big bummer, because the insurance companies don’t play by the rules, you are the government you fix it. How about limiting the profit margin – or saying that a certain percentage of their profits must go to healthcare cost of those unable to qualify or pay for insurance.

4. Offer tax incentives for all green building. Including insulation or improvements on current houses and REQUIRE builders to make environmentally smart choices like solar panels, or insulation etc. to cut our energy bills.

5. Offer no interest loans to qualified Americans to cut their debt. I realize that this is how companies make their money, how about not allowing credit card companies to charge 20% interest. I mean if I looked hard I could probably find a mobster who would give me a better rate. Ok, that was a joke, but you know what I mean.

Use some common sense. Get out of the money grubbing pockets of these corporations. Yes, they contributed to your campaign, but remember who voted for you. Who is the bigger percentage. The insurance/automaker’s CEO’s or the American People.

While you are at it, how about some term limits, maybe make it a requirement for all Americans to serve the government in some way, shape or form in their lifetime. Whatever it is, get off your butts and do something that will help the people of this country and not pad the pockets of Corporate America.

Happy Anniversary to US!

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary and while we are more like Maude & Walter than Claire & Cliff Huxtable we are very happy. Ok, I can't speak for my husband, but I am very happy, except when he compares my hair to Gene Simmons. Come to think of it, at least he didn't compare it to Richard Simmons.

I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm cured! Maybe....someday.

I feel like I've had a break-through in the stress department.  I don't know why or how, sometimes it just comes together.  I can stress about maybe running out of eggs three days from now when I have 2 dozen in the fridge.  I am STRESS.  Over the past 10 days I've stressed out over female crap.  I've been waiting on results from a cervical biopsy.  It was the best news I could have gotten under the circumstances.  YEA!  I don't have cancer - not even pre-cancer.  I've got level 1 abnormal cells and we will wait six months and see what happens.  Stress seems to aggravate the condition.  So as soon as I got off of the phone with the doctor I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  

Does this mean I'm never going to stress again?  NO.  But I was amazingly calm for the rest of the day.  The usual annoyances seemed less of an annoyance and more of life.  Does it mean I'm cured of all my neuroses? That I will never need another Xanax?  NO.  Little steps people, little steps.  But I'm making headway, I can feel it.  

How's this for a quote of the day?

So if you don't remember, I am in charge of coming up with the inspiration quotes for the beginning of the PTA Board Meetings. So in my search for a quote today I ran across this. Who in their right mind would actually thing this was inspirational?

Adults are dead children - Michael Brown


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Imhavinganothernospacebarkindofday.  Itsbeautifuloutsideandallmythoughtsarejustrunningtogetherandmeanprettymuchnothing.  Hugsandkissestoall.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Color me purple....

Normally, I would post this on my photo blog, but I'm VERY proud of this. I have others, but as I am currently in a slight financial bind, my computer currently doesn't have a program to process the RAW pictures I took, so this is only a jpeg. My daddy - the most awesome man on Earth - is letting me play with his "Big Shit Lens". He loaned me his old 1000mm lens. I played with it today. You like?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seriously......Gene Simmons?

As we all sat down to dinner tonight, my husband looked at me and said "Right now, your hair it looks just like Gene Simmons."  Now any man, woman and child know that is no compliment.  No offense Mr. Simmons, I love you & your show, but admit it your hair could use a little help.

I seriously need some hair therapy.  I know that.  In fact this morning instead of drying it, I just coated it with deep repair conditioner and tied it up in a clip so it could "soak-in".  It usually helps, but I don't usually take it out of the clip until bedtime for the reason stated above.  

I couldn't even come up with a good comeback.  What a schmuck!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am monumentally bored...

I don’t think in the history of the universe I have ever been so bored. I am currently in the office and we have a ton of stuff to accomplish, but are waiting on either printers or deliveries. I can’t stand to be doing nothing. I have absolutely no desire what-so-ever to do anything that might help me personally. Like search for recipes or books or find something educational to read. I have filed everything, re-organized everything I can find and well am about to scream out loud just to get a reaction out of somebody.

I’ve called my husband, who has absolutely no desire to talk on the phone. He’s not a phone talker, unless of course I am talking about sports, which even though I understand most sports – I could truly care less about stuff like La Cross or Soccer; I’m more of a Hockey, Basketball or Football kind of girl. I’ve been working weekends so long, that now that I’m not, I couldn’t tell you a football players name to save myself, unless they are/have been or might be dating some ridiculous celebrity that shows up on every trashy website on the planet. I can barely keep up with the TV shows I’ve recorded much less learn sports guys names, teams and stats. Now, the only exception is really hockey, because well there is a propensity for blood, it’s the kids’ favorite and well, its fast moving. I also have a texting/tweeting buddy during the game I get easily distracted and all the stops and starts in football tend to make me lose focus and our basketball team falls apart in the 4th period so why bother.

I totally want to change the direction of my life at the moment. I don’t really know how to approach this subject with the rest of my family. Parents, husband etc. I so want to be more creative. I’ve always had a very creative mind, but I’ve always been pushed to use my left brain, be a teacher….be an accountant. Job security, stability, etc. etc. I hate boring jobs like that. I like working Real Estate, because for the most part no two houses are alike and I work with a group of very diverse people with interesting personalities. So professionally I’m happy. Personally, I would like to find the time to write more, maybe dip the toes into writing some short stories. Have the time to research some options with my poetry. I’d love to take pictures all the time, but its hard to balance home, family and hobbies. Since I’m working more, I have less time to keep the house – of course part of the problem is years of pack-ratting stuff. I’m very much in purge mode, which I did in the kids room yesterday. I dumped a 30 gallon bag of trash and got almost all the stuffed animals out of the room. My kids would not allow me to get rid of them, but maybe I can get them to forget about them after a while and “POOF” they are gone. Ooooh, maybe a squirrel could get in the attic and tear them apart. SHHH! Don’t tell.

I’m hoping to work on cleaning out the attic and garage. Having a garage sale, getting some stuff on Craigslist or Ebay. I might even venture further, but need to talk to the hubby first.
I must go plan my organization of closets. Peace out.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stuff & Things

I feel like I have nothing to blog about.   My world is totally and completely boring.  I have probably 100 loads of laundry to do, instead I'm watching a Hockey game, playing with my cat, TURCO, and freezing hamburger meat I bought in a huge family size package - due to the sucking economy and all.  Speaking of wants, there are about a million things I want right now:

  • A full bank account
  • A well-healed husband
  • A flat iron for my hair (its very scary these days)
  • kids that don't throw towels on the floor after their showers
  • a maid - I seriously hate cleaning and I never seem to accomplish anything when I do.
  • Some new shoes, and new wardrobe.  Mine is seriously in need of some help
  • Some, new camera lenses
  • Turco to have a shut-out
A few things that would make my life better, more fun, the last one would make unstableblogger happy too.

I need some inspiration, maybe a good nights sleep.  I could care less if I ever drank wine again and I don't even feel like reading, both of which I think are signs of the apocalypse.  The husband wants a lemon cake, but seriously, who likes lemon cake except for my husband.  He wants me to make one for him.  What do you think?  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No more politics! Ok, one more then I'm done.

Yippee!! The election is over. Before you get your panties in a wad, I'm not upset at the outcome of the election. I think that the US spoke and we are going to see some radical changes as the Democrats have a the majority in the House and Senate and with a Democrat in the White House. Talk about being able to pass everything you could ever want. My big concern - Russia is already putting up short range missiles near Poland. I hope that come January, our new administration will not let other countries walk on us, pull one over on us and think we are wimps. We still need to be strong and not go all Greenpeace on the world.

That said, I'm going to be working on some poetry. A girl in my office has introduced me to poems that are questions. MMMM, I'm going to work on this and maybe, catch up on everything I missed over the last few weeks now that The Husband is on the mend.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last Day

I'm so absolutely excited that after today, I don't have to watch stupid political ads, listen to polls saying who is going to win, who is behind, what so-and-so has promised us today. After tonight - it will be decided and I get to go back to the regular every day occurrences that make me happy.

I don't have to listed to two friends arguing over which candidate is better. I don't have to pick up my kids and watch the left side of the sidewalk wearing Obama shirts and the other half wearing something for McCain.

In case you are wondering, yes, I voted. I'm also soooooooooo happy that after today, this crap will be all over, because I'm sick and tired of hearing about it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

PeePaw update

Pee-Paw, my new nick-name for my walker-wielding husband, has been progressing pretty well.  We changed a bandage, he's already taken a walk and one of the kitties went with him and the boys.  My kids are amazingly protective of him.  I on the other hand jump at the slightest noise because I'm afraid he's fallen and he can't get up.  I couldn't resist that one, but every time he drops the remote I think its him and his walker.   

I'm just thankful that all is well, and I have family and friends who are there at every turn.  Thank you all for everything.

Friday, October 31, 2008


We are home from the hospital and so-far-so-good.  He's got a brand new walker to run around with and the kids will be truly happy to see their daddy.

All is right with the world.  But he's asleep, so don't hold your breath.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WARNING, Surgical and gross stuff update.

I handle blood well, seriously.  Cuts, scrapes, my son running thru a glass door.  I'm ok with it.   So is my husband.  Phlegm, that's another story.  I've had a little of it lately, but tonight during sick husband duty.  My husband started coughing up phlegm from the surgery and the tube, etc.

He barfed it up into a cup which I had to dump.  I barely made it to the toilet without up-chucking.  I love that my husband who couldn't pee at home without the door shut all of a sudden doesn't care if the world sees everything he has to offer - if you know what I mean.  I get to dispose of goop from his lungs, I've seen his beautiful backside hanging out of the back of his gown and I do have a picture of him walking down the hall with his walker and his cath bag hanging on said walker - but I will be holding that out for when he misbehaves.  So keep your eyes open.  It may show up here sometime.  

He is doing well and following directions.  He should be home tomorrow if he can get rid of his post-op fever.  Cross your fingers.  I can't wait to get pictures of him walking down the street with his walker.  HEHEHE!  Shhhh, don't tell.

I apologize if this doesn't exactly make sense.  Its late and I'm tired.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only I could pull this off

So I think I'm dying from a really nasty sinus infection, finally give up trying to work and decide to go home.  I shut the car door in the office parking lot and have the doctor's office on the phone before I get to the parking lot exit.  After a few I can't make that they just have me come in.  It turns out I have 4 'itises.  FOUR.  Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Bronchitis & Adenitis.  


I mean, one OK, two not so hot, but FOUR and my husband is having back surgery tomorrow and my mother is coming up here today.  Don't you want to be me?

Monday, October 27, 2008


So the Husband's new surgery date is Wednesday. Thank the surgery gods for not making us wait any longer. Mom will be up to help me with the kiddos. Is this going to be fun or what?

Does anyone know where this is?

To say that I had a vivid dream last night would be an understatement. I dreamt of a house, not just any house a cute and ancient cottage from the outside with beautiful stone/rock detailing in grey and a beautiful dessert rust color. It was located on an large island a short distance from the mainland and could only be reached by boat. The grounds were beautiful and well-maintained with sidewalks and cobblestone baths and everywhere you looked was green.

In the dream my husband and I had bought this with another couple to redo. Why we chose a partnership I don't really know and my husband was really not a noticeable character in the dream. At first I said that we should take it to the studs and start over, then we walked in and I immediately new NO ONE was touching this house. It was completely furnished and overwhelmingly beautiful. The downstairs living room could fit my entire house in it right now. Huge cathedral ceiling, probably 4 alcoves of bookshelves along one wall creating private reading/studying areas. Embroidered chairs and beautiful wood tables. The only thing that needed to be changed was the lightly stained bookshelves and wood work needed to be stripped and stained dark. I don't remember much about the kitchen, but the bedrooms were amazing, the antique brass beds were covered in exquisitely detailed quilts. The furniture was amazing and I could quickly see how it needed to be arranged to fit each room as it was slightly cluttered. Amazingly enough there were no mold, mildew or old people smell anywhere in the house.

One wall of windows overlooked the sea and as we were standing in one long open room that had been used as a children's sleeping loft with beds everywhere I looked out and saw about 20 huge whales coming toward the island. The house shook. I know that would not happen, but this is a dream remember. It was earth shatteringly beautiful. We then were led out to the water to be shown the launch and unfortunately the alarm brought me out of a beautiful land and back to reality.

I want to go back and soon. I want to find that house and buy it. I want my dad to paint it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Have fangs?

I know I am soooooo behind the curve, but I just finished Twilight this afternoon.  Could not put it down.  I am somewhat obsessed by vampires.  1st with Moonlight, then with TrueBlood and now with Twilight.  They truly are the sexiest of all monsters.  Kate Beckinsale in tight black leather/vinyl or whatever didn't hurt that either.  I could watch Underworld ever time its on.  

Not that I'm looking for a vampire to lust after me, or become my lover, so if you are one, you are not invited into my house and don't come looking for me.  I'm just saying they are sexy.   I'm also about to start New Moon, if its as good as the first will be done by Tuesday.

So I'm about to be made fun of

I've given up trying to get anything else accomplished this weekend.  Did I manage to do what I said?  A big giant NO would be the answer, but I did accomplish a lot, mostly avoiding the one thing I needed to do.  I washed 4 loads of clothes on Friday night.  I washed 6 loads on Saturday and another 4 today.  I don't live in a very big house so how the 4 of us could generate that much laundry is well, discusting.  But I did wash our sheets and the kids sheets, comforters and that included the matress pads.  I also managed two 30 gallon trash bags of trash and a 30 gallon bag to donate.

Ethan had a soccer game on Saturday and we had a Halloween party on Saturday night.  The kids had a ball.  I also spent probably 2 hours running errands.  Check out the Zombies:

On Sunday I got up and made the kids pancakes.  Then got them ready to go visit their Bubbie with their Aunt.  While we were waiting for Aunt Anjie to pick them up, I got adventurous and trimmed the trees in the front yard.   Can you believe that?  I also went to the grocery store and later this afternoon to Target for toilet paper and cat food.  I'm exhausted and plan to do nothing more than dinner tonight.  

I guess my husband gets to make fun of me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Work for today and the weekend

Life is a whirlwind of change is it not? I find that day to day I always have something else to stress and worry about. Nothing is ever easy and from day to day something different always pops up to make my day just a little bit harder. Waiting till Monday to get any idea of when the second back surgery on The Husband is driving me insane. Probably him too, but this is about me not him.

I am looking for “inspirational” stories to read at the opening of the next PTA Board. (Yes, I am now in the “in-crowd” of the PTA Board. I feel special and accepted and well, basically all my insecurities are gone.) Anyway, I’m reading all this uplifting, I mean gut wrenching stories that are tugging at strings in my heart and feeling completely over-emotional. If I stay in this mode I will probably start to cry when I pick the children up just because they once lived in my body and are a gift from God.

Then I will get home and see the reality of the mess they have created. I’m then going to become an evil and mean mother insisting those children that 20 minutes ago were a gift of God are in fact spawn of the Devil, because no angels would keep their room like that.

I have promised myself that if I do nothing else this weekend I will clean up all the paperwork stacking in various parts of the house up. Yes honey, I just put it in writing so that means I have to do it or risk having you either make fun of me for all of eternity.

I want to take the new camera lens out this weekend as well, but will only do it if I can get all the other things on my to do list done. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feel his pain.....

I have had an unbelievable last few days.  My husband has Spondylolysis he was scheduled for a Axial Lift which would have meant 1 week at home and 8 weeks no lifting.  So I shipped the kids off with some friends, who I basically owe so much that I probably have to babysit for the next 5 years every Saturday night, and set off for the hospital at way to early in the morning.  The doctor showed up 30 minutes late (I should have known at this time something was up.) and so we started late.  

The two hour procedure ended an hour early because after cutting a whole at my husband's tailbone (OW!) and trying three different times they could not find the correct angle to do the fusion.   So now we get to have nasty harsh back surgery with probably 4-8 weeks at home because they have to go thru the abdomen instead of a nice little cut on the back.  YIPPEE!!  He spent the whole drive home from the hospital saying four letter words and son of a bitch.  Then made it inside and passed out cold for a few hours.  

Oh and the best part I have to fight with the evil B*TCH from hell at his office about getting him on short term disability.  I'm not exaggerating about the evil you-know-what either.  My husband can't deal with her at all.  I hope I'm up for the task.  Right now I'm completely and totally exhausted, this is probably the most incredibly boring post with no smart-ass comments, so I am off to my cushy bed and hopefully oblivion for a few hours.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


You have got to check out the black box thing on the side.  ITS SO MUCH FUN.  

I promise you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rhetorical Question of the week?

WHY, are there so many imbeciles working in customer service departments.  I'm just saying......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My opinion matters, right?

AT&T has the worst customer service I think in the history of the Universe.  Yes, the Universe.  Apparently I cancelled my Dish with AT&T and added U-Verse to my bill, with a GIANT, termination fee.  Which of course I did not.  

Side Note:  ALL companies that require some kind of contract usually have crappy customer service or crappy services in general, hence, making you sign some ridiculous contract that charges you a GIANT cancellation fee because they suck and its their way of making you keep paying them.

Anyway, I'm a little upset with the above mention company, but did manage to find out while talking to a sales agent today (I didn't even raise my voice - I SWEAR!) - because apparently there is no customer service on Sunday.  Like no one has ever had a problem with their service on Sunday.  You can order new services (not cancel - I tried) but there is always someone available to help you purchase more crap from them.  I have been assured by the Dish Network people - Andrea you were absolutely fabulous! - that my service will not be turned off in the middle of tonight's True Blood episode.  THANK THE LORD!  And I will somehow manage to survive and plan my attack on the unsuspecting department in the AM.  

Got it?  Ya well, wish me luck!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I think I might have actually made some headway with my school district.  After the parent teacher conference last night I made a point to make an appointment with the principal of the school.  H2's teacher said that he sat down with him to work on a TPR (??)  she discovered that he couldn't perform up to the standards required.  I asked for help, she said again to talk to the counselor.  I also called the counselor after calming down from the morning freak-out (and the Xanax kicked in) and left a message for the counselor regarding H2's situation.  Why she hadn't gotten back to me regarding the note that I left her from his doctor.

SHAZAM!  After a few specific examples and letting her know exactly how I felt (without sounding like a complete idiot) she is going to speak to the diagnostician and set up some interventions in the classroom so we can do a little evaluation.  I'm still going to ride her butt (aren't you impressed I didn't use the other word?) about what's being done, but for the first time in a long time I feel heard.  Do you know what it means to a woman when she feels heard.?  Its like fat free dark chocolate that taste's good and makes you lose weight.  Or maybe a night with Johnny Depp.  OR BOTH!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meme -

A meme from Spookyrach's blog
I am: loud
I want: more
I wish: and wish and wish
I hate: big red
I miss: seeing lots of comments on my blog
I fear: heights. Just thinking about it makes things quiver on me we don't need to discuss here.
I hear: noises in the dark
I wonder: why
I regret: more than you know
I am not: always where I want to be
I dance: better than Elaine on Seinfeld - but not by much.
I sing: like a wet cat in heat
I cry: every time I watch Terms of Endearment
I am not always: gracious
I make with my hands: food, that my kids eat and complain about way too much.
I write: a lot that will never be published
I confuse: myself
I need: less stress
I should: relax
I start: slow
I finish: this meme
I tag: you!

I'm not depressed - I swear

I'm in a dark and contemplative mindset today. I feel like letting my mind wander till I find the answer to a question I didn't ask. Or maybe pondering the book of Proverbs. Or even escaping into the lives of others in a book. Rainy, dreary days do this to me. I've been listening to morose, depressive music that you tend to only listen to after a break-up. I don't know why, my husband and I haven't even argued in the last week. OMG - did I actually say that? He has accused me of nagging, which I probably did but we've actually been on a fairly decent run of no stress and strife so I can't blame this on him either.

I really should be writing poetry today. Mindsets like this produce my best poetry. Oh, idea! See I just needed a creative outlet. Writing helps solve everything. I'm going to lock myself in my room later and create.

And I'm putting labels and stamps on envelopes at work today and I think I need some Goo Gone to get the sticky off my fingers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am obsessed with this song.

The song is Cold Ground by Rusty Truck.

Holy Fuel Economy Batman

I filled up my car for less than $50 and I have one of those cars that require premium gas.  I haven't done that in ages.  I think the last time I filled up it cost me almost $70.  WOW!  Yea!  

Is this good press for the Republicans or the Democrats?  

Blah, de blah, blah

I woke the kids this morning and E informed me that it was way to early to wake him up. I answered back that it was the same time I always get him up. "NO, it is still way dark outside," was his reply. His father and I couldn't convince him that it was cloudy outside and that the days were getting shorter due to fall. He was not having it so apparently with E, I am in the doghouse.

I feel so blah today. The weather is dreary, my allergies are acting up, I feel fat. All good reasons for blah. Also I am running into a lot of people who weren't even in the house when they were handing out common sense. Jeez...I could just scream!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hey politicians, Want my vote? Then fix this...

I am yet again disappointed in our public school system.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun (I doubt it) but they don't seem to be eager to help my poor little Hunter.  We went back to the eye doctor today and Hunter's left eye has lost more vision and he is now a -8.0 in his left eye.  His right stayed steady at -6.75.  UGH.  The doctor says he might be dyslexic as well, but when I called the school counselor to talk to her as she suggested after this follow up, to only be pushed off yet again.  "We don't test until after 1st grade."  

OK, so my doctor says he needs to be tested as soon as possible, yet they say the won't test him for another 18 months.  Are you sure you are educators?  I mean have you heard of early intervention?  I have put my best people on the job.  A more passionate advocate I couldn't find.  She's not in my town, but has been an honorary member of our family for a long time.  She'll find out the questions I am lost on and point me in the right direction.  

I am also working on some other avenues and Unstable, I might have to borrow LMSKP, but I will hold off until I get my bearings on this.  We have a referral to Scottish Rite, I will get on that even if the school district decides to lower itself and test my kid.   

How frustrating is that?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm's official.

So the doctor called me this afternoon and spent probably 20 minutes on the phone with me.  Not bad huh?  I'm quoting here "you're crazy and you need to be medicated."  Now before you go and huff in outrage I totally took this out of context, but she did say that.  Bottom line its easier to treat hormone issues by treating the symptoms.  In my case the massive amounts of wired energy or manic anxiety with anti-anxiety meds.  My comment was that my husband was going to have a field day with me needing to be medicated and then she said the above quote.  "You can tell him I said you're crazy and you need to be medicated.  It will make his day."

Anyway, we are going to cut back on the caffeine - how am I ever going to stay awake during the day.  We are going to get a MRI to check out the fibroid issues to see if I can add hormones to the mix & work on getting me better sleep and probably send me to a shrink to get me on the right meds.  So basically I'm nuts, but we already knew that did we?

I found a new blog today. And I love it

Found a great blog today one you should so check out. Confessions of a Random Chick. I love it!

Its just not my day.

I've cried about 4 times today, teared up another million. I'm so hungry I've been asking for a porterhouse. The stupid Women's Wellness Center decided they needed to cancel my appointment for a mammogram so they could hold a staff meeting instead. I spent days trying to find someone to pick up my children - now all for nothing. I haven't slept worth a damn in weeks, my back hurts, my boob hurts so bad I can barely tolerate a bra. My husband doesn't really want to discuss this with me - I completely understand, but who do you really talk to about feeling like your having a nervous breakdown and no one will listen?

Your blog that who. Blogs always listen and they are not judgemental either.

I have a call into the Gyn. I'll try with all my might to maintain calm, but I don't think it will happen.

CLARIFICATION: I didn't mean my husband wouldn't speak with me about my hormonal problems, I meant that the last thing any man wants to do is have a 45 minute conversation with a woman about her hormones issues.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

One with a picture and a movie

Saturday my sister, Stehle and I went on a little adventure in East Texas.  We started out first watching the sunrise over White Rock Lake.  

Then ended up going into every cemetery we passed, 1st the Oldest Catholic Cemetery in Dallas that I went and visited with SpookyRach a while back.  Then we went to Greenwood Cemetery that is across the street - Rachel & I didn't manage to get in there as it was locked, but Stehle and I did and what an eye-opening experience.  First it was extremely well kept and loaded with veterans and interesting monuments.  I loved the streets signs.  We also visited Sand Flats Cemetery in Van Zandt County which was not kept up.  It had a pile of brush in the center that was just sad.  Behind the Sand Flats Cemetery was the Pioneer Cemetery in even worse shape.  It took us 15 minutes to pick all the sticker burrs out of our socks and shoes.  

I couldn't do the blogger slide show due to the size of the file, so I uploaded it to youtube.  Check it out.  

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm too old????

I was talking at work yesterday with a girl in the office about music.  I said I had a song stuck in my head by Does it Offend You, Yeah?  We also talked about Foo Fighters (my fav!), Jackson United, Kings of Leon, Keane, Death Cab for Cutie & The Verve.    

Some of my current favorites.  

I was informed by a gentleman in my office I was too old to listen to that stuff.  What??????  I realize I'm 40, but my life hasn't ended.  You don't turn 40 and immediately like elevator music or prefer singer songwriters from the 70's.  Oh, and I do like singer/songwriters from the 70's.  I love 80's music.  But I could listen to Sirius' ALT NATION all day long!  I could!  Honest to you-know-who.

Who else do I love?  Interpol, Cold War Kids, Kaiser Chiefs (love the new single!), The Black Keys, Low vs. Diamond, and MGMT.  I also love my classics like The Who, The Clash, Pink Floyd.  Great 80's & 90's bands you know the ones you hear on 1st Wave.  AND TOM JONES ROCKS LIVE!

I love music and I hate that some - forgive me for saying this - old dude says that now that I've hit my 40's I can't listen to what I like.  Go back to your easy listening/elevator music and leave me to discover the latest next big thing.

Hormone Overload!

I went to the Doctor, who mostly confirmed my boob diagnosis of overactive hormones.  She said its probably fibroids brought on by hormone fluctuations.  I will go get another Mammogram (yea squishies!) and an ultrasound just to be on the safe side.  Whoopee!  Can't wait!

Also, I am extremely hungry right now and I can't figure out why because I've eaten enough in the last hour for two people.  I'm going for hormones again.

UGH! Interruption by strange noise coming from cat. Not sounding good - whatever it was I hope it wasn't on the carpet.  Better go check it out.  Found nothing.....yet.  Please let there be nothing.
I'm off to Pilates to work off what I just ate.  

All this and I'm surprisingly upbeat

Today is not so much a bad day as its just off. I have a pain, a pain that I've had for about two weeks, it actually hurt so much this morning that I made an appointment to go see the doctor. I wouldn't normally 1) because its the female doctor and I already have my yearly coming up in less that a month & 2) I tend to procrastinate. But its my boob and I've already had one cyst removed and lack feeling in it most of the time; and I really don't want to find that I have a second one and didn't do anything about it. I'm sure I'll get a lecture for not calling earlier, but its probably just hormones. Better safe than sorry though.

I'm also incredibly disappointed with people today. My husband and I have a friend that's having a tough time and you know what - I'm pissed off that anyone would act with such callousness and hate for another human being. What really pisses me off is that its a woman doing this to her ex. I mean, its over, move on with your life. Beating someone else in the ground will not better you. And just in case you haven't been made aware of this there is thing called Karma. It will get you, I promise and I've already put my name in for a front row seat and a bag of popcorn to watch your demise.

The little cat Cagey who is just getting over a giant wound from his last war with one of the neighbors cats, has come home with a new giant wound. Luckily it is in the shaved area already, so maybe I can avoid another trip to the vet. The antibiotic shot he got is still in effect, so maybe I'm saved another vet bill.

I did manage to watch Private Practice & Dirty Sexy Money last night. YEA! I kind of liked what they did with Private Practice making it a little more edgy with moral dilemmas. I'm kind of wondering what happened to the blond chick - the twin on DSM. I mean where did she go? Did we just lose a character or what? Not as excited with DSM as I was last year. It may get marked off my list if it doesn't improve soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Presents? For me......?

OK, yes they are for me, I bought them. Fortunately, not with my own money! Yea!! Someone else's money. That is the best kind. True Fact!

So I spent the rest of my William Sonoma Gift Card from my birthday last night. Got my first piece of All Clad. WHOO!! HOO!! An 11" French Skillet. I also purchased a salad spinner - that was really for the husband and he's in charge of salads. I know that is a strange comment, but he likes salads and he's always wanted one, so I made him happy and me happy.

That is a win-win situation if I've ever heard one. OH NO, did I just say something positive. The world must be ending.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where did this come from?

I actually got a good nights sleep last night. My reward the most awful dream. I'm totally afraid to post what the dream is about because well, it was weird and involved having to dispose of bodies. I will state for the record that I did not kill anyone in my dream, it was someone else, but apparently I was an accessory after the fact because I tried to help in the disposal. I think maybe I've been watching too many crime drama's on TV, plus the really awesome TRUEBLOOD on HBO. Maybe there really is something to that too much violence on TV.

I will say after staying up an hour in the middle of the night after that dream I did go back to sleep and I had a nice dream about John Mayer rubbing my feet. John, feel free to come back anytime and rub my feet again you were awesome!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I got tagged

I was tagged by Princess Mindy for the a six unremarkable things about me meme that is floating around out there. It will be hard to contain it to just 6 me things.

  1. I am a night owl and not a morning person.  I like to sleep in and stay up late.  Just me.
  2. I like cats.  I like to snuggle up to something that keeps me warm at night and that doesn't require me to get up at oh-dark-thirty to let them out to pee.
  3. I am LOUD.  Yes, I said it.  I'm loud my natural volume is probably 2 decibels over anyone else who is reading this.  
  4. I am constantly cleaning out something, but I never seem to truly accomplish organization.  (I blame this on the men I live with - all three of them.)
  5. I am the most loyal friend you will ever find - how boring! I wish I was the one you never forget because I always do something outrageous.
  6. I can never make the final decision as to where we are going out to eat.  I never want to "choose" the restaurant someone else hates.
If you read this consider yourself tagged.  HEH! HEH!   Yes, this means you too Unstable.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

An incredible man

It takes an incredible man to take a hot topic like a presidential election debate with the first black candidate off the front page, but Paul Newman was an incredible man. It brought tears to my eyes to see that "old blue eyes" was no longer with us. He did a wealth of good for our world, some by giving us entertainment, some by just helping the little guy and he did it without fanfare. Someone, the world could learn a little from. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends - the world is a little darker place with out him.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've got the hiccups.

Almost 3 posts in one day, its 1 minute past midnight and why I'm typing I don't know.  I do have a nasty case of the hiccups, for some strange reason.  My mother always told me I was growing when that happened.  Jeez, I hope its not my feet or my stomach.  I have enough of those.  Maybe it should be my boobs.  I'm mean I do have DD's but maybe it would make my stomach look smaller. 

I just finish the Sex in the City movie.  It was good, not what I expected, even though I was told it was not going to be what I expected.  I still enjoyed it, I cried (I am such a sap!)  And I can't believe Samantha didn't get it on with Dante.  He was HOT!  

Anywho, I'm off to bed, hopefully the hiccups will go away and I'll get some sleep and be able to get up in the AM.  Goodnight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The only way to keep the economy going is for the American People to have money to spend.  Not credit, money.  So stupid politicians, do not give the stupid companies who screwed up so much that their company is broke or run down into the ground money.  Its not the companies we need to keep moving, its the people.  If the people can spend money, companies will benefit.  Makes sense right?

And that's all I have to say about that.

I can fix the ecomomy!

I know you are sitting around wondering how I can do this. Well, here's my plan - oh, and my husband helped. The government says we need $700 Billion in bailouts. Well, we can do this soooo much cheaper. We have approximately 305 million people in the US. So we take we give everyone $1 million dollars to pay off their bills and "BOOM!"; we've fixed the economy for only $305 million instead of $700 billion. Now I understand some business might fail, but think of all the mortgage companies that would be fixed if everyone could pay off their mortgages. And if business made stupid decisions, they deserve to fail.

Now, there are people who say that you give someone a million bucks and they are going to spend it on other things instead of paying off their bills. OK, lets revise this. Everyone presents a detailed list of their bills, government pays off current bills up to $1 million dollars. Then we could solve the worlds problems for even less, because my bills don't equal a million dollars. Do yours?

Dijea for President. Or maybe Secretary of the Treasury.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Important Questions

You know by now that I am totally and utterly addicted to the Lego Video Games. Guess what comes out today? LEGO BATMAN.

Here's my dilema. I can either be a good guy or I can choose to be evil. Which do I choose?

I also get a free key chain with my game do I get Batman, Robin, The Joker or Catwoman. Help me decide.

Update: They only had Batman or Robin keychains left.  I had decided on Catwoman, but I went ahead and settled on the caped crusader himself. BATMAN! 

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm making a great impression.

Well, I haven't been going to work (well at least this incarnation of work) for a month yet and already I'm having to call in sick to take care of a sick kid.  I know this happens, but as the lesser employed of the two parents I get the short straw.  When I say that I mean I am part time & my husband is full time.  He is also in the medical field and well, frankly its not that easy to replace him as it is me.

But poor little Hunter is coughing like a smoker of 80 years and has green snot running out of his eye sockets so its probably best I get him in to the see the doctor.  Wanna come to my house?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nurse Dijea to the rescue

I feel overwhelmed again!  My poor little Cagey got beaten up again.  So after bleeding all over my bed, then oozing nasty slimy pink puss, we were off to the vet, shaved and shot up full of antibiotics he's home making the most awful of noises.  Probably whining about being dragged of to the nasty icky vet and then having to get a needle shoved in the back of the neck.  But hey, what kind of mother's are we if we can't treat our kids and/or animals with a few needles because we have their best interests at heart?

My little Hunter is sick again too.  He is a snot machine.  MACHINE!  I swear.  He is so full of snot that it is coming out of his eye sockets.  This has happened once before and I am so not looking forward to all the evil things I have to do to clear it out.  At least he's old enough to blow his nose and I don't have to suck it out of his head.  He also has a cough that has traveled down to his chest.  So either we are about to have a full blown asthma situation or we have the croup.  WHOO HOO!  The sad part about this is that he doesn't complain and when he does, OMG you might as well just take him to the ER and look forward to being admitted.  He started complaining about his through yesterday too.  So we will be spending the rest of the day curled up in Mommy's bed watching movies, playing video games and hopefully napping.  My guess is he will be playing Reader Rabbit or some other computer game all day, but whatever makes them happy.  Right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look at Macy

Isn't she cute? This is Macy Jennifer - the baby that I got for my birthday. OK, the baby that was born on my birthday. Brandon & Lizzie did a good job of making her didn't they?


I'm tired. Seriously, tired. As I wrote yesterday, I am not a morning person. When I left work yesterday, I fell asleep at a stoplight and if Mr. Impatient hadn't honked, we might have stayed there all day. I got home from work ate a little something and proceeded to take an hour and a half nap on the trampoline. Way to watch the kids! I didn't have enough energy to make dinner so we went out. I was even in bed before 11. I usually don't feel awake until about 9pm anyway so boy was I tired yesterday.

Its not allergies, its not the change in season or the change in schedule. I'm tired ALL THE TIME. ALL. For a couple of years I've been tired. I don't sleep well at night, I know that's part of the problem, but why am I so stinking tired? I give up! Is my life doomed to be in need of a nap?

FYI, I didn't have any energy yesterday, so that left leg is still hairy. But at least I'm wearing pants today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And the moral of this story is?

I am not a morning person. NOT! I apparently can't even train my body to be alert in the morning. On August 25th of this year, the kids started back to school and I started back to work. Due to having to be ready for work when we head off to school, I must get up at 5:50 in the morning. OK, that having been said, I rarely make it out of bed without hitting the snooze. I also have a "second" or "back-up" alarm, because I have been known to turn it off and just go back to sleep. Three weeks of training is apparently not enough.

So this morning, I got out of bed with the back-up alarm and jumped in the shower. I washed and conditioned my hair, shaved my leg. Got out blew my hair dry, got dressed, made the kids lunches, got the kids dressed. Dropped them off, came to work. I am currently starving because I didn't get up in enough time to make myself a lunch. So I'm following a co-worker who brought their lunch, one because I'm hungry and it smelled good, but also because she's fun to talk to and it has been a little slow today. She asked me how I was I said cold, she said it isn't that cold, I said I shaved my legs this morning and look they are already grown out. I looked down and almost died of embarrassment. That is not a typo in the second sentence of this paragraph. I literally shaved my leg, my right leg to be exact and didn't shave my left leg. Now I know that several of you have written embarrassing stories about how you went to work in two different black shoes, or a black shoe and a brown shoe exactly alike. I am walking around my office in a skirt and high heels with one shaved leg and one hairy leg. Its not slightly stubbly either. I look like a German woman named Helga who has never been introduced to a razor.

I have turned about 14 different shades of red, was laughing so hard at my stupidity of not noticing sooner and am bawling when I walked into the staff offices. I couldn't even get the story out of my mouth because I couldn't compose myself. I know have to sit at my desk afraid to remove my legs from the cover of my desk and somehow manage to have the courage to pick up the children and hope the mom's standing around me don't notice my unpainted toenails and hairy left leg.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello 40, Nice to meet you.

Today is my 40th birthday and well its  been an exciting 24 hours.  Evil people in my family conspired against me and threw me a surprise 40th birthday party.  I walked into "SURPRISE" with no make-up on not my best T-shirt and flip flops.  My toenails were not even painted.  

I got some fabulous things for my birthday, although the most fun was a baby.  Yes, I said a baby and no I'm not pregnant (again that will never happen again - I promise) and no new animals were introduced to me.  Perplexed??  Well, my cousin Brandon and his wife Lizzie had their baby on MY birthday, MINE.  Cool.  Her name is Macy Jennifer although I'm not sure how they are spelling the Macy I'm just guessing.  I haven't seen a picture yet, but I can't wait to post it as soon as I see it.  I now have girl cousins from two out of my three cousins - Evan, don't go there yet.  

I got my camera - the hot, very hot Nikon D90.  Thank you husband, I got wine, a couple of cool hand-painted wine glasses.  Some fun and excited gift cards.  The nicest present of course was having my friends and family around me to celebrate this awful, I mean wonderful, occasion in my life.  Getting old and decrepit.  My scooter is on its way,because apparently, things just start crapping out randomly when you reach my old age.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Current Obsessions

I am currently obsessing about quite a few things.

  • Loved Fringe last night. I can tell this will be a long standing obsession & who knew Joshua Jackson was so cute. I am not of the Dawson's Creek generation so I didn't know, but now I do and I will watch and drool.
  • Cath by Death Cab for Cutie
  • Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon - I've been listening to both of these on Satelite Radio Kings of Leon for about a month and I'm just not getting sick of them.
  • Quantum of Solace. I can't wait to see this. I rarely get to see movies in the theatre, but this one I won't miss. Daniel Craig is HOT!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You decide...

I got a comment on my Yard Retard & Other Exciting Tales that I didn't publish saying that my bad karma that day came from me using the word retard.  Seriously, there was no intent to disparage anyone.  So I will let you, my faithful readers, decide if my next door neighbor truly is in fact a Yard Retard.

It rained here today.  ALL DAY.  In fact when going to pick up my children from school, I had an intersection by my house completely underwater.  The right lane of a six lane road (three going each way) was completely underwater.  Do you think we got enough rain for one day?  Well, the Yard Retard has his sprinklers going right now.  My husband says it probably was because the rain didn't have the right PH balance.  Me -- well, you know what I think. 

Any thoughts, comments, or perhaps a new nickname?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So, how do you find me?

I've seen tons of people write on their blog about what ridiculous things people search in google or whatever to find their blog.  I've seen everything from penis pump to poop in my pants.  What is the number search that gets people to my blog:

Not kidding, of all the snarky comments and ridiculous blog entries I get I get at least 3 people a day who find my site by searching Lego House.  You think it would be a little more interesting than that.

Click here to see the entry.  But it is kind of cool that when you search lego house images mine is the first picture that comes up.  I'm #1.  Too bad its not in meeting the Foo Fighters on the street and becoming life long friends.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

OMG - Violence and Crime in front of my eyes.

We are having guest for dinner so I ran off to a major discount/grocery store to get the pizza crusts (I'm too lazy to actually make my own pizza crusts- shh! don't tell.) I had to get a few other things like cat food, I swear I feel like I always need cat food.  Anywho, as I was walking to the exit I noticed a huge crowd of people hanging out by the doors.  There were mother's grabbing their children and running the other directions.  Kids were pointing, parents were pointing. People were laughing or bug-eyed with shock.  There was also several large guys in red shirts running for the door and a line of employees blocking the exit door.

I'm thinking:  This is going to be good. So I start walking a little faster to see what's going on.  You know you would have done the same thing.  Its human nature to want to look.

I was deeply disappointed to miss most of, but got to see the ending of a rather average looking dude being violently arrested by an either an off-duty police officer or security guard and about 5 store employees, pulling bottles of shampoo or soap or something from his pockets.  As they managed to wrestle him under control the guys is screaming "my pants, my pants" I think that in all the wrestling they were no longer going to cover his you-know-whats and I certainly didn't want to see that.  The security/cop was screaming "I don't care about your pants."  and why should he, while another employee was pulling more bottles of something out of his pants.  
I must say there were a few things wrong with this picture.  1st if your are going to shoplift I think you could do better than putting bottles in your jean pockets and untucking your shirt.  2nd  if you were going to shoplift in a major discount/grocery store wouldn't you go for some video games, electronics or maybe booze.  Why soap?  That's what baffles me.  Maybe he just really needed shower? 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My husband is worried.

My husband is worried that the Yard Retard is going to see the previous post and get upset.  I think I woke up in an alternative universe today.  My husband is never worried.  NEVER.  Ok, well if the house was on fire and he couldn't get his video games out my husband would worry -  any other time NO.  I'm the worry wart, I'm the one who obsesses over that kind of stuff.

1st - the Yard Retard is not going to be perusing my blog.
2nd - the Yard Retard does not know I have a blog.
3rd - the Yard Retard would not lower himself to read my blog if he knew about it.

Husband why are you worried about this, are you trying to impress him.  Do you want to bond over some manly thing?  You were the one that gave him that nickname.  Trust me he'll never find out, but if he does do you think he might plant St. Augustine and have a normal yard like the rest of us?

The Yard Retard & More Exciting Tales

I can feel that today is going to be one of those days. The Yard-Retard's sprinkler system was going off as I tried to get into the car today to take the kids to school and me off to work. Yes, I said it, The Yard Retard. Its true. Our next door neighbor is a total Yard-Retard. I mean we have this guy who lives across the street - nice as pie lives by himself, never opens his eyes and mows his yard with an electric lawn mower. He pulls it instead of pushing it across his lawn and even he is brighter than the Yard-Retard.

The ever famous Yard-Retard won't plant normal grass in his yard, he has to plant grass that grows on a golf course so he can mess around with his clubs. Its doesn't matter that his yard is so small that he really can't do that, but you know golfers. Anyway he waters this yard 3 sometimes 4 times a day and all it looks like is an old man with plugs. Yes, its like one blade of grass per square inch. Why, because golf course grass (or at least the kind he plants) doesn't do that well in Texas. Its is HOT in Texas and it doesn't like the heat. It looks completely ridiculous. He's had landscaper after landscaper out to find out why his grass won't fill in only to be told he needs to plant Bermuda or St. Augustine which he steadfastly refuses.

Well anyway back to the story, I couldn't get in the car because Mr. Yard Retard can't fix his sprinkler system to not water my driveway and my car. So as I walk out in white pants to get in the car I had to wait for his sprinkler system to turn off before I could run off. My big purse was attacking everyone I got into close proximity to, I was too loud in my office and was told to keep it down. I am loud, I can't help it so whoops - I promise to do better. Charlotte informed me "I needed to put the coffee down". Oh, and then I get a really nice panic attack. Its not even noon. Hopefully, my day will not continue on this path. I feel like I'm living in a commercial for Murphy's Law or bad Karma.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am a cube of ice.

It is freezing in my office. FREEZING! I've already snuck the temperature up a degree on the thermostat and turned the fan from ON to AUTO. Its not helping. I can't think straight when I'm this cold. I feel the need for fur wrapped around my body. I might actually have to get into the attic tonight to get a sweater so that I won't walk around looking like a giant Popsicle around the office.

AGH! I need a space heater!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Iamhavinganotheroneofthosenospacebardays.  Idon'tknowwhyithappenstome,itjustdoes.  ItslikeIcan'tfindmywayinaseaofjumbledeverything.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its Official.

I am finally in my kitchen.  I have about 5 more boxes in storage that needs to be unpacked, but I'm in, my dishes have been washed and placed in my cabinets.  I couldn't be happier.  My contractor is the most amazing thing ever.  He did my kitchen and den in under 6 weeks.  Almost no problems and we only went about $400 over the bid.  Yes, I know you want his number and if you ask nicely you can have it.

Coach Barnes!

I am officially more in the know that Unstable.  She has not yet posted about Stu Barnes retirement and new job as an assistant coach with the Dallas Stars.

AWESOME!  Nice to know we still have him on our side.

Welcome, Coach Barnes!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My day so far....

Today was my first day back at work (during the week that is) and the kids first day back at school.  Hunter was a trooper on his first day at Kindergarten and did awesome.  Ethan I know will have a similar report, however he is not home yet. 

Work was great.  I have THE most hilarious guy in my office (LOVE HIM!) his sense of humor might actually be dryer than mine and when we talk, people stare at the unusualness of it, but it puts the biggest smile on my face because he just plain makes me laugh.  Life is good when you can look forward to that every day.  I am also lucky to have the most awesome of all workplace environments.  Seriously, it rocks.

Oh, and I'm sitting her  writing this blog entry so I don't have to cut drawer liners.  I'm totally in to procrastination.  I think its a genetic defect.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I saw this on Smirking Cat's blog and decided to try it and see. I kind of liked the outcome so here is my recipe:

The Recipe For Dijea
3 parts Giddiness
2 parts Pizzazz
1 part Instinct

Splash of Laughter

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am stressing about the mother of all stresses right now.  NOT KNOWING THE ANSWER TO A QUESTION I REALLY FEEL THE NEED TO HAVE THE ANSWER TO.  I don't even know if I need to be stressing about it in the first place, its all conjecture, could be and maybe right now. Totally freaking out.   And no its not the pregnant thing.   Understand that? 

If you do (or even if you don't) please wish good karma our way.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Music is my happy pill.

I love music.  I can't carry a tune, I can't sing, but I love to listen.  I listen to everything.  My ipod is an huge mish mash of everything.  I have tons of Alternative, some Head Banging Rock, some Opera & Classical, I have country, blue grass, christian/gospel, tons of 80's new wave and even some 70's singer/songwriter gems.  But right this minute  Waylon Jennings popped up on iTunes and my stress went out the window.  That man had a voice like no other.

I need a search party for my sanity

Have you ever had one of those days?  Yes, we all have that was an incredibly stupid questions.  I on the other hand have had one of those weeks.  Yesterday, I spent 4 hours stressed to the hilt dealing with insurance companies/doctor's offices & State Regulating Offices.  We tried installing my over the range microwave and the installation instructions were not included.  So that had to be switched out.  Oh and my brand new double oven that was installed.  The bottom oven rattles when you turn it on.  The repair people are coming Monday to fix it because TODAY they are working on my floors.  We have the lovely hum (I mean scream) of a floor sander.  I slammed the crown of my head on the corner of a cabinet.  This was about an hour ago, I am still seeing double. Oh, and my husband is currently at the doctor for his back.  The back story is a whole different post.  

Happy Day.  I'm off to see if there is a magic happy pill somewhere.