Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stuff & Things

I feel like I have nothing to blog about.   My world is totally and completely boring.  I have probably 100 loads of laundry to do, instead I'm watching a Hockey game, playing with my cat, TURCO, and freezing hamburger meat I bought in a huge family size package - due to the sucking economy and all.  Speaking of wants, there are about a million things I want right now:

  • A full bank account
  • A well-healed husband
  • A flat iron for my hair (its very scary these days)
  • kids that don't throw towels on the floor after their showers
  • a maid - I seriously hate cleaning and I never seem to accomplish anything when I do.
  • Some new shoes, and new wardrobe.  Mine is seriously in need of some help
  • Some, new camera lenses
  • Turco to have a shut-out
A few things that would make my life better, more fun, the last one would make unstableblogger happy too.

I need some inspiration, maybe a good nights sleep.  I could care less if I ever drank wine again and I don't even feel like reading, both of which I think are signs of the apocalypse.  The husband wants a lemon cake, but seriously, who likes lemon cake except for my husband.  He wants me to make one for him.  What do you think?  


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

If it will have icing, I vote CAKE!

The Unstable Blogger said...

oy I could use new shoes & wardrobe too...but I need a full-on make-over first.... I am in sad state these days.

But yeah, I'm gonna say Turco to have a shutout and possibly two wins in a row would be stellar.

mmmmm I do love me some lemon cake btw :) hate lemon meringue (sp?) pie but love lemon cake and lemon cheesecake

no more wine? ever? seriously? I'm having the urge to tell you to breathe deep and think about what you are saying!! :) Actually, I have days like this too...

And OMFG my hair has been so outta control lately... I look like freakin Don King. Its so uncool I dont even have words. I just need a haircut, refreshed highlights and some serious de-frizzing stuff. A flat iron isnt gonna do me much good... my hair is hell bent on this whole crazy curly thing.

I hope the husband heals quick and back to his magically evil self in no time! You'll all feel relieved!

Bunny Bunster said...

Lemon cake sounds really good to me!

Smirking Cat said...

Lemon cake, yuck. How about a nice fluffy cheesecake instead?

HeatherN3Boys said...

I'm all about that full bank account and the maid, too. On the full bank account deal, I'd settle for a guarantee that nothing else catastrophic will happen to my family... Jeezum Crow with the spending of the money lately! And the maid... Not even for everything, but the heavy stuff like scrubbing my tubs, toilet, and windows. Dust, bi*tch, dust! LOL

I vote against any cake of any kind, but that's because I'm being a hater over here in my I-Have-Celiac-Disease Bubble. LOL