Saturday, June 30, 2007

What has happened to my hair?

The humidity is 125% here, I swear! My hair is expanding faster than I can type. Rosanne Rosanna Danna is the only way I can describe the look at the moment. I'm beginning to think that I will soon loose the ability to get in and out of doors without putting it up.

I tried a pony tail - I look like a crazy skunk without the grey streak. I have my hair in one of those clip traps and I think the spring just broke and hit something in the playroom. Thank goodness there were no kids in there it might have taken an eye out.

Considering the awful hair day that I am having, I think I'll just have a glass of wine and go to bed.

I own a real honest to goodness handbag!

I am a cheapskate. I want things, but I don't like being poor so I don't usually buy what I want. I also have a slight problem with the husband buying video games and not telling me. I don't mean one or two I mean everyone that comes out. I'm not exaggerating, but I know where he is at night.

Anyway, back to me. I finally got myself a designer bag. A Kate Spade. I love it, I feel so girly and special. I might even giggle. I may have to go have my nails done, or get a new outfit to match. No, that will cost money and then I will chastise myself for the rest of the week.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I won the battle, but the war is still up for grabs.

I actually maintained my control this evening when my 6 year old decided to throw the mother of all tantrums. I kept my cool, didn't raise my voice once, walked away ever time he yelled louder. It worked, I was triumphant. Its not every day you jump for joy when you win the battle against a 6 year old, but today it was not easy.

He got upset because he lost the remote and couldn't change the channel and unfortunately decided to take it out on his little brother. He said Hunter was not helping him find it. I kept explaining to Mr. Ethan that it wasn't Hunter's job to find things he lost, but that went in one ear and out the other. It took a full 45 minute to get thru this tantrum, but I won. YEA!

The best part of all is that I video taped it, not only so I could show his dad how awful he behaved, but so he could see how ridiculous he looked when he was acting that way. Now if I could just figure out how to hook the camera to the TV.


I got to sleep late today, he took the boys out to play so I could have a quiet breakfast without interruption. He went to Sam's with me, pushed the cart and carried all the heavy stuff and he let me get a new Kate Spade bag. He is the best.

Most of the time our lives are filled with boring everyday stuff, like nagging to clean up, video games, crazy children and my complaining that he buys too many video games, but once in a while he surprises even me. He's come home with the one kitchen thing I just had to have or cleans the kitchen better than any maid ever could. He even cooked breakfast & dinner when I was on bed rest with my second child. It was two months of bed rest I might add. He changed diapers, he did late night feedings when he could, Hunter never would take a bottle (he's a boob man all the way) but he got up with me and helped even when he didn't have too.

My hormones must be out of whack today, because I usually would never say any of this, but I married a good man. I'm lucky, but then I think he's a little lucky too.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My cholesterol is 189!

Well, I'm sure the world needed a health update. 6 of my 7 vials of blood have been tested and apparently I'm a hypochondriac or I have fibromyalgia. Although I do have one thyroid test that is still pending. But the good news - my cholesterol is 189, yes I have gone from 237 to 189. I've never been that low before (and 100 points below my husband-is that scary or what!)

So while I am basking in my fabulous cholesterol, I guess I just played too much tennis when I was younger and I have sport-joint syndrome or something.

I also got a ticket dismissed today so that is another in the plus column. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket? Couldn't hurt could it? Now if it would just stop raining.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can you say Frivolous?

I come home from the absolutely fabulous, fun and exciting happy hour to a heart stopping event. My husband is being sued. How is this you ask? Two, yes count them 2, years ago my husband was borrowing his Uncle's car because ours was in the shop (mind you his uncle has nice cars) and he stops because the car in front of him stopped at a red light. Does any of this sound strange? No, I didn't think so. Then some idiot woman, who just got out of the hospital with some heart thing rams into the back of him and is suing him for a too abrupt stop.

Now my husband got rear ended from a woman who was probably under doctors orders not to drive and probably on medication from some heart thing and she's suing him. Are there any lawyers out there who would like to counter sue her? Does this make any sense? Can my life be anymore dramatic. News at 11.

CHEERS! To the inventor of Happy Hour!

We are having yet another day of rain, my children are already complaining about what's for dinner and I'm only defrosting the meat. I've got cramps, no energy and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for the test results of the 7 vials of red stuff they took out of me, and I'm feeling very much like a hypochondriac today. (I'm still hoping for that vitamin deficiency.)

I do have happy-hour with "The Girls" this evening though. It will give me a chance to rant about anything, and of course I will return the favor and listen to their rants. "The Cheerleader", that's Charlene, will do her best to boost the moral of each and every one of us. We can gossip about stuff and get away from the daily grind of life and I can escape the screaming monsters I live with for an hour or so. Then I will miss the monsters, the chaos and the husband and will have to run home so I have something else to share the next time.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


18 months ago, my husband bought me a laptop to write my first book. He said that this way I could lock myself up in my room and write away. The problem with that is that I like to be in the thick of things not locked away in a corner. I find myself writing more on my blog in the middle of total chaos that when it is all quiet and no one is bothering me.

I'm sitting at my desk at work (shh, don't tell my boss - although I will say I have no work pending at the moment) contemplating my next big thing and my friend Charlene, aka the cheerleader, keeps telling me I need to write my book. Well, maybe I will sit in the middle of my children's playroom while all hell is breaking loose and start my first book. I say first, because if I ever get one done, I will be on to number 2 in a heartbeat because then, I won't have to get a real job. I don't like real jobs they drain you of brain cells. I like hobbies and passions, or as Oprah says I need to experience my bliss.

Well here is to my next big project. I hope that I can decide which one of the 1000 outlines I have been working on over the past decade I feel like starting on first. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I am NOT nuts!!

Ok, I worry, I mean who doesn't? I worry about the cost of meat, money, if I am being too tough on my kids, if I'm being not tough enough on my kids, giving my husband enough support, nagging my husband too much, you name it I'll worry about it. You might call me the Queen no Goddess of Worry. I'm that good.

I've been a little off lately, not sick exactly, just off. I'm tired, my skin doesn't look so good, I'm working out like a mad woman (well at least by my standards) and not loosing any weight, inches but not weight. I eat tons better than I used to, but I feel blah. I know my body and I feel like something is not right, so what do I do, I go to the doctor. I like my doctor, he's a personable person, he has a good sense of humor, etc. etc. But today he tortured and made fun of me (in a good-humored way). He & his clan sucked 7 vials of blood from my body for testing - holy moly yes, 7. I feel like I've been drained by a vampire. He is testing for everything and I do mean everything. This will either prove that I am sick, or prove that I am a car carrying Hypochondriac.

Maybe I could just have a vitamin deficency, then I wouldn't be sick or labeled a hypochondriac.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I finished Lean Mean Thirteen

Well, as I predicted I finished Janet Evanovich's latest Stephanie Plum saga. I had my first belly laugh on page 34 and it just didn't stop. I finally turned the light off at 12:45 a.m. and finished up this morning. I truly enjoyed it. She destroyed at least two cars, got lost in a cemetery, was caught in two buildings as bombs went off, had a squirrel bomb blow up in her car, and set off a beaver bomb in the "other woman's" dining room and beat up her ex-husband twice. I truly enjoyed it. I truly enjoyed when Mrs. P (Stephanie's Mom) beat up Grandma's boyfriends toupee on the dinner table. It was what you would call Literature, but heck you don't always have to be enlightened do you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Friend Charlotte

I have a friend named Charlotte. We all call her Char and she has a fish named Frank that I feed on the weekends and I, being Dijea, have to give him a funky mobster names when I come in and see it. Frankie Fingers, Frankie the Snake, Frankie loves Johnny. (There are gay mobsters you know didn't you watch The Sopranos?)

Anyway people keep using Charlotte's phone at work and its giving her pimples. Don't laugh, it's true!! Haven't you ever had to clean the make-up off of your cell phone screen? Well you can't always see it on your regular phone and it's giving her pimples. Charlotte maybe a little inflexible about office rules (I say that in a good way, because I love Char and we should follow the rules better, because if you don't you can go to jail, or the referral-only list) - but she does not deserve pimples.

Now there is one person who deserves the pimples, but only Char and I know who that is. So if there is one lesson for everyone to learn its use your own phone, or wear less make up.

This superhero needs a name!

Amazingly enough, I actually got 12 loads of laundry done yesterday. Can you believe that? I can't. I feel like I might actually be the laundry superhero - Laundry Mom? No. Super Laundress? Maybe. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

My hubby is gone for the day. He's working until 10 ish in a very busy County Hospital emergency room. I always stay up late for the gory stories. Some I'd rather not hear about, some are actually funny. Others are just disturbing. But it is fun to get the scoop on a "Breaking News" report before the newscasters actually know what's going on.

I've worked out, cooked a big lunch before Mr. Hubby went to work and I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing afternoon. I've got a new book and its calling my name. Its LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN and should be good for a few belly laughs. If you've never read Janet Evanovich - you should check out her first one ONE FOR THE MONEY. Once I started I was hooked. I should be finished with the book by tomorrow and I'll write a quick review.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Scary Laundry Day.

I have been out of town for 5 days, I then come home to 2 grueling days at work. Monday starts, one car in the shop, my husband takes my car to work so I'm stranded with two children. Scary thought? Try the experience!

Anyway I made it a game to collect dirty clothes and towels so I could begin work on the laundry. I'm in laundry hell! One load of blacks, one of green, one blue, a red one, the bra and light colored delicates, the delicate dark sweaters, one bleach load, a special mixed load, a comforter, one large one of manly clothes and two, count them two loads of towels. That makes 12 - this doesn't include bed linens. There are only 4 of us - where does it come from? And I feel like I never have anything to wear. Now I will say this, the boys are very well outfitted, especially the younger one as he gets the additional hand-me-downs, but seriously 12 loads.

Now on top of this I lost one of my favorite candles in the gathering of the laundry, apparently a towel was placed on top of it and it got pulled down by Mr. Hunter when he was bringing it to "the pile" and it scared him so much a crying boy had to be comforted. I'm not sure whether the noise scared him or he was afraid he would get into trouble, but all is better now.

I have load one in the dryer, load two waiting for the dryer and load three in the washer. Its going to be a fun day!!! Pray for my sanity to remain and that they all get folded and put away before the husband arrives home. I will get EXTRA brownie points if that happens.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm old and I'm not even 40.

I got up this morning to more aches and pains that I care to talk about. My neck and shoulders are sore, my legs hurt. I felt like I needed a nap immediately after breakfast. (I still feel like I need a nap.)

I decided to workout thinking that that might ease the ache. NO. Although I'm not as tight, I'm more tired.

I think my children did it to me, I got tired while I was pregnant and it never went away. It was at least exciting when I was pregnant because it was so new and different. Except for the throw up that wasn't so great. (I lost 21 lbs with my second child during the first trimester.) They were different in the womb and they are different now and who was the madman that says it gets easier as they get older. NO! NO! NO! They just lay there when they are little and eat and poop! That's easy. When they learn to talk back - its all down here from there.

The child quote of the day:

"I'm hungry!"

"Why didn't you eat your dinner?"

"It was too hot!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I love a good walk!

I went for a walk this evening. I don't get to do that very often and I rarely have the opportunity to walk in the woods. I'm an Earth-girl. I like being outdoors, I like to hear the birds, hear water trickling from a spring and the smell of dirt. What can I say, I'm an Earth sign.

I walked with my Aunt Susan, who will be leaving Friday to go home to New Zealand and at the halfway mark, we saw a deer. I even got a snapshot. It was relaxing not only because I had a few hours away from my children, but I always feel rejuvenated after an outdoor experience.

I really should live in the country with about 40 acres of trees, ponds & garden. In huge house with pool, spa, steam shower, work-out room, and an incredible kitchen. Maybe one day.

The skirt thing

If you remember my last blog, you will remember the skirt thing. At breakfast this morning she started about the "quality wool skirts" in her closet. I love my mother, we do not have the same taste in clothes and I don't want the skirts she purchased in 1970 that don't fit her anymore. (Did I mention my mother doesn't throw anything away?)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A few less Xanax

I'm off to the folks tomorrow. There are good things and bad things about this.

I have to spend 5 hours in a car with two small children - this is not a good thing.

I have grandparents willing to babysit - this is a good thing.

I get to see my 86 year old grandma - this is a good thing. She's hip, very liberated in that she's cool with anyone lifestyle as long as they don't hurt people, however she watches Bill O'Reilly - that is not a good thing.

I get to see my Aunt Susan before she leaves to go home to New Zealand - this is a good thing. The fact that she says the trees and grass are sooo green and the sky is sooo blue - well, that's the comic relief for the week.

I don't get to see my husband for 4 1/2 days - bad for 4 1/2 days, but good when I get home. HEH. HEH. HEH. If ya know what I mean. Although he will probably forget to feed the cats, he will spend all day and all night playing video games and probably won't be as excited to see me come home because he will have to turn the A/C back to a decent temperature and turn the TV down.

I love my parents - I really do, however, my mother and I will have at least one disagreement regarding the pros and cons of pleated skirts (I'm definitely on the con side of this argument). In the end, I might come home with a tan, some good entries for the blog and a few less Xanax.

I'm so bored!!

I'm bored, there is nothing to do, nothing. I'm sitting at my desk, reading random blogs, chatting with a few people in the office and that's it.

I'm having one of those days - I seem to have them a lot. My husband was so kind to me this morning and got up to take care of the monsters so that I could sleep late. Unfortunately the youngest monster decided to come in a inform me that we had no cereal and no waffles, therefore they could not have breakfast. I quickly informed him that there was Honey Nut Cheerios on the top shelf of the pantry and a box of 60 Eggo waffles in the freezer in the garage. My husband then informed me we were out of syrup. I couldn't go back to sleep.

I was unable to read a complete paragraph while drinking my coffee this morning because I was constantly interrupted with who was not sharing his toys with the other monster. My husband then decided to go back to bed and there went my relaxing morning.

On top of all this I have a blister in the middle of my palm from screwing the legs into a table I got for the monsters and my hand hurts. Oh, and I didn't win the lottery, but then I didn't buy a lottery ticket either.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I lost 4 inches in my thighs!!!!

I have been working out at Curves for the last month. I got measured today, and even though I lost no weight, I did lose inches. 7.5 inches to be exact and 4 inches in my thighs!! Woo Hool!!! Yee haw!! etc. etc. 1/2 inch each in my Bust, Hips, Abdomen & Waist, an inch in my arms, but 4 inches in my thighs!! I can't say that enough. I actually wore pants yesterday that I hadn't been able to put on in about a year. I feel like I could take on the world, or maybe eat a chocolate bar. Anyway, I feel that I accomplished something and I'm happy about that.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Justice for Paris?

Couldn't California just let Paris starve to death? Didn't she know that Wolfgang Puck was not going to come cook for her? Should we just let anyone who stages a hunger strike out of jail? I guess so.

Something has got to give.

For the most part today is not my day. I bought a table for the kids - its damaged and I have to drive 60 miles round trip to return it. My husband left a receipt in his pants and now I have white fuzz all over the clothes in the wash. My kids play set has got a load of clothes drying on the monkey bars because my dryer died and went to appliance heaven. After, of course, it stained my 600 thread count Hotel sheets from the belt that exploded on the inside of it. My husband found a scrape on the bumper of the new car. I swear it didn't happen when I drove it, he swears the same. We are at an impasse. Really he's blaming me and I'm pissed he doesn't think there is even a small chance he did it. AGH, Men!!!

My kids are running around like wild animals, they can't remember to shut the door, they can't remember to not run in the house and I have a hundred things to do that doesn't involve them. I don't even want to think what's for dinner and I have to go sit in the heat at 6 pm for Ethan's T-ball game. All I want is for 30 minute of me time to regroup. Calgon, take me away!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


ou are probably looking at this and saying what kind of name is Dijea? Well its made up and its pronounced DG, yes like the initials. My mother h
ad one of those names where every third person shared her name. She said that wouldn't happen to her children. I tell people that she did one too many hits of acid in the 60's, but the truth is she's just creative. The acid thing gets more laughs - and I once on a T-shirt at a radio station telling that story. Don't tell on me, I don't have the T-shirt anymore.

My brother & sister got it just as bad as me. But t
hey can write about that on their blog. I can't be responsible for writing someone else's story. I'm not that talented, I'd like to be though. Well its
 something to shoot for anyway.

I just got written up on a stranger's blog.

I'm kind of strange, at least my husband says so (but what does that say about him, he married me and its almost 12 years now). I gave a small donation to girl raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My husband's Uncle (Uncle Denny) is a big supporter, he's brought us into the group. I found her blog and love her sense of humor. We all know I married my husband because he made me laugh. So why not donate to her cause, she made me laugh too.

Now I feel like a SUPERHERO all because of a little random act of kindness. Not bad for a days work. We should all do stuff like that once in a while. The world would be a better place. PASS IT FORWARD!

Hello World

I love to check out, but do we have to have Election 2008 as the top headline? Crap, its only 18 months to the election - what do we really need to know about? We have the Republicans and the Democrats if we are lucky maybe and Independent. There is like what 20 people running for election. We all know that they only say what they think we want to hear, and end the end they are going to do what they want anyway. What really happened to a government for the people by the people? Can we get some term limits - Ted K, its time to retire!!!!

All I know is that there is no way I really don't want to ever see Hillary again. It is 18 months till election time and I'm already sick of her. YUCK - and jeez, get a makeover. Maybe book her on What Not to Wear, doesn't she have a stylist? Can some Hollywood Democrat loan her one?