Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Friend Charlotte

I have a friend named Charlotte. We all call her Char and she has a fish named Frank that I feed on the weekends and I, being Dijea, have to give him a funky mobster names when I come in and see it. Frankie Fingers, Frankie the Snake, Frankie loves Johnny. (There are gay mobsters you know didn't you watch The Sopranos?)

Anyway people keep using Charlotte's phone at work and its giving her pimples. Don't laugh, it's true!! Haven't you ever had to clean the make-up off of your cell phone screen? Well you can't always see it on your regular phone and it's giving her pimples. Charlotte maybe a little inflexible about office rules (I say that in a good way, because I love Char and we should follow the rules better, because if you don't you can go to jail, or the referral-only list) - but she does not deserve pimples.

Now there is one person who deserves the pimples, but only Char and I know who that is. So if there is one lesson for everyone to learn its use your own phone, or wear less make up.

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