Monday, June 18, 2007

Scary Laundry Day.

I have been out of town for 5 days, I then come home to 2 grueling days at work. Monday starts, one car in the shop, my husband takes my car to work so I'm stranded with two children. Scary thought? Try the experience!

Anyway I made it a game to collect dirty clothes and towels so I could begin work on the laundry. I'm in laundry hell! One load of blacks, one of green, one blue, a red one, the bra and light colored delicates, the delicate dark sweaters, one bleach load, a special mixed load, a comforter, one large one of manly clothes and two, count them two loads of towels. That makes 12 - this doesn't include bed linens. There are only 4 of us - where does it come from? And I feel like I never have anything to wear. Now I will say this, the boys are very well outfitted, especially the younger one as he gets the additional hand-me-downs, but seriously 12 loads.

Now on top of this I lost one of my favorite candles in the gathering of the laundry, apparently a towel was placed on top of it and it got pulled down by Mr. Hunter when he was bringing it to "the pile" and it scared him so much a crying boy had to be comforted. I'm not sure whether the noise scared him or he was afraid he would get into trouble, but all is better now.

I have load one in the dryer, load two waiting for the dryer and load three in the washer. Its going to be a fun day!!! Pray for my sanity to remain and that they all get folded and put away before the husband arrives home. I will get EXTRA brownie points if that happens.

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