Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm old and I'm not even 40.

I got up this morning to more aches and pains that I care to talk about. My neck and shoulders are sore, my legs hurt. I felt like I needed a nap immediately after breakfast. (I still feel like I need a nap.)

I decided to workout thinking that that might ease the ache. NO. Although I'm not as tight, I'm more tired.

I think my children did it to me, I got tired while I was pregnant and it never went away. It was at least exciting when I was pregnant because it was so new and different. Except for the throw up that wasn't so great. (I lost 21 lbs with my second child during the first trimester.) They were different in the womb and they are different now and who was the madman that says it gets easier as they get older. NO! NO! NO! They just lay there when they are little and eat and poop! That's easy. When they learn to talk back - its all down here from there.

The child quote of the day:

"I'm hungry!"

"Why didn't you eat your dinner?"

"It was too hot!"

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ashley said...

I used to say that to my Mom when i was a kid and she told me that she was going to give it to me cold the next time! :)