Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CHEERS! To the inventor of Happy Hour!

We are having yet another day of rain, my children are already complaining about what's for dinner and I'm only defrosting the meat. I've got cramps, no energy and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for the test results of the 7 vials of red stuff they took out of me, and I'm feeling very much like a hypochondriac today. (I'm still hoping for that vitamin deficiency.)

I do have happy-hour with "The Girls" this evening though. It will give me a chance to rant about anything, and of course I will return the favor and listen to their rants. "The Cheerleader", that's Charlene, will do her best to boost the moral of each and every one of us. We can gossip about stuff and get away from the daily grind of life and I can escape the screaming monsters I live with for an hour or so. Then I will miss the monsters, the chaos and the husband and will have to run home so I have something else to share the next time.

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