Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Monday, April 27, 2009

Have you ever just felt old

Sheena Easton is 50 today. 50. Do you know how old that makes me (or makes me feel). I'm hyperventilating.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My peaceful place

I like to walk the lake by the house. Its nice, peaceful. I saw a Duck with her ducklings coming out of the grass by the side of the lake. How can anyone's blood pressure go up while looking at this? Seriously. As I continued around the lake I walked thru the Fish Hatchery. I hadn't gone 50 yards into the hatchery when I saw this. OMG - I'm obsessed with dragonflies so I feel like this shot was a coup. Not my best - but, do you know how fast those suckers can be?

I saw this tree and it made me laugh. It looks like its crossing its legs. Have 2 Pee?

I also hadn't been through the hatchery since spring has well, sprung. I forgot how green and overgrown it can get. I had on cropped work-out pants and will probably end up with poison something. Below you can see my peaceful place. I love overgrown green spots. IT MAKES ME HAPPY! It lowers my blood pressure it makes me want to twirl around with my arms wide open and say thank you for such a beautiful scene. It was a cloudy day and it really was this dark. I was waiting for the fairies to come out - I guess they were hiding. I must not have been fairy worthy today.

I managed a full 5 miles around the lake, took about 200 photos. There a definitely a few frame-able. I'm kind of stingy with my really really good photos. I don't' know why - I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I know that is what I would eventually like to focus on, so I save them "just-in-case". But the better ones are on the photo blog. I just hope someone sees them and appreciates them and sees the beauty I do or even the beauty I don't.

Hope the world has a good week - I'm off to get a gauzy skirt and some Birkenstocks. Ok screw the Birkenstocks they are ugly. I'll get some Keene's.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yea for me, Central Market & Earth Day.

If blogs were living breathing things, I think my blog feels neglected. Its been a week and I haven't posted mainly because well, I'm tired. To the Bone, ridiculously hammered - I have triplets, I'm breast-feeding and I have no help tired. My husband has gone from snoring in his sleep to sounding like a wind tunnel. Seriously - I AM NOT KIDDING. It woke me up last night after wine and a 1 mg. Xanax. That's a feat. I worked 10 days straight then had yesterday off - which I barely accomplished anything past clean underwear and dishes. I was suppose to have today off too, but I got called in (certainly won't complain about work in this economy - keep it coming) and after than spent 3 hours at the kids school with the Book Fair & a helping out a sub in H2's class.

OMG - There is not enough mind numbing drugs in the world to make me want to teach kindergarten. After less than 30 minutes in that classroom I have felt like I'd I was being chased by the Terminator in a Tornado with Emeril screaming BAM every 5 seconds. It was like they all had ants in their pants. Holy Moly - I will pray everyday for the sanity of Kindergarten teachers. THEY NEED IT.

I did manage to trade in some plastic bags and get a new re-useable bag made from recycled water bottles from Central Market for Earth Day. Yea Earth Day & Yea Central Market. Yea extra money in the next pay envelope and Yea For me because I had the absolute best comeback on someone's Facebook entry. Sometimes a day just comes together.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have no title - I'm blocked or something

I am so having an identity crisis. I just thought you should know; it seems lately I've lost my "crappiness" and turned into all hearts and flowers and logicalness. What is wrong with me? I feel kind of like this flower I saw yesterday - waiting for someone to find me so I can make their day.

Maybe its just writers block. Its not like I haven't always been sweet and loyal and opinionated and stuff - I just miss my edge. Maybe its this dang medicine making me all normal or messing with my blood pressure or my mind. Do you think if I took a printout of my blog to my doctor he would then agree with my desire to not take pills?

I just had to delete like 3 paragraphs because I went on some strange off shoot train of thought about being my own therapist. Then there is that whole Tea Party & media "Teabagging" mistakes. I think they just like being able to say Teabagging without getting into trouble, or maybe they just don't know what it means. Anderson Cooper knew what he was saying though. I'm telling you he did, he had that look.

On a lighter note, this was my view yesterday after dinner we went to the lake to enjoy the sunset. Makes the day end on a positive note.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apparently, I am evil and dumb......

I find it amazing at how many people will hate you because you have an opinion. I am a human being with feelings, thoughts. I love my family, my friends, my kids. I have made fabulous friends here on the internet that sometimes make me laugh when I need it. Raise their hands in defiance when I need them, laugh at my dry sense of humor.

I live by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Would you hate someone and talk nasty to someone just because their opinion differs from your own? Would you hate me because I didn't vote for the same guy for President? Would you hate me because I believe that anyone should be able to get married regardless of their choice of mates? Because I am a proud support of gay rights. Would you hate me because I am a christian? Would you hate me because I don't like peanut butter?

I, no matter who and what you believe in, will ALWAYS believe that you have the right to your opinion, the right to your beliefs. And I will never think less of you because of it. I only ask that you show me the same respect. That's all. Is that really to much to ask?

Monday, April 13, 2009

The one where I got high on life

For 3 out of the last four days I have walked around the lake. Friday night I did almost 5 miles. Sunday I did around 3.5 - that day I just had The Husband drop me off and I walked home. Today I did about 2.5 miles. The Husband dropped me off and picked me up. I did take some cool pictures today. Baby turtles, an old railroad bridge and some other surprises.

I'd really like to lose some weight and have had no luck what so ever, so if I have to force myself to walk around the lake 4 times a week. I will do it. I get bored walking around my neighborhood, but when I hit the trail at the lake I could walk for hours. It gives me such a sense of peace and contemplation, I kind of kicked myself that I didn't take a notebook so I could just stop and write some of my thoughts down. Now, all I have is noise - thank you children & husband, so all that profound philosophizing I was doing in my head has blown somewhere in the back of my mind where it is quiet. Next time I am so taking my notebook. Don't for get to check my photo blog and see what I saw today. I even kept it in color.

I am also surprisingly upbeat - God only knows why, but I am maybe it exercising endorphins. That's a scary thought isn't it - me and endorphins. Its like a natural high man......

Next thing you know I'll be wearing a hemp skirt and Birkenstocks.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Apparently, I've been a bad, bad girl.

Hi! I'm Dijea and apparently I have high blood pressure. So my doctor put me on some beta blockers and I'm pumping up the Xanax so I can stay calm because apparently its all stress related. I got a call around 5 and it was his nurse, who says, "You've been a very bad girl."

Now stop for a second. I may or may not have been a very bad girl - but how does she know?

I say "what is it?" knowing that it is related to the blood work he took.

"Your cholesterol is high"


"Yes, high. Its 218."

A big sigh of relief comes out of my mouth. "That is not high."

Well, at least not for me. My high is 247 - my low is 149. Shoot, my husband has me beat by at least 30-40 points. I never did let her get out what my bad cholesterol was nor did I ask her if anything else came out bad. I guess I'll have to call back. He wanted to put me on Lipitor. I am anti-medicine. The fact that I am actually taking three pills a day. I'm suppose to be taking 4 according to the doctor, but there is NO way I'm taking 3 Xanax a day. I'd be a walking Zombie with high blood pressure.

I told her NO and to give me 30 days to get it lowered and if he still felt that I needed to go on it, I would without argument. So apparently I am going to be eating steel cut oats for breakfast, fruit for lunch and Cheerios for dinner. And apparently I'll be exercising a million hours a day. If anyone has any other ideas, I will gladly accept them. I don't eat fish - or anything that lives in water - so don't go there. I won't do it. I don't care what anyone says. I will probably go vegetarian - or next to no meat. UGH! I love my eggs in the AM and cheese, my beloved cheese.

I am warning you I will probably be a big giant you-know-what for the next month. I would avoid me if at all possible or bring me cuddly furry things or wine or maybe a nice candle. Viggo would be nice too. Hopefully the hubby won't mind. I bet two weeks into this extravaganza he will probably try getting in touch with Viggo himself. (OK, slight fantasy there but I need something with this grim outlook).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, its been an interesting week. My blood pressure was through the roof last week. WAY TOO HIGH. I do have an appointment with the doctor this week to address that and my stress levels. I'm not sure where its all coming from, but in my case, probably all sides. Hehe! Hey, I'm laughing.

I had a nice bike ride today that has reduced my outgoing stress a little bit. I feel a little more relaxed, but my jaw and shoulders are still tight, so its really just hidden. I wanted to keep going, but the kids and The Husband, were like "my legs hurt". Whimps!

Someone told me I looked like I lost weight. HAPPINESS, True Happiness. (and I will probably ride my bike everyday for like a week.)

Took a bunch of random tractor pictures. I think I need to do a series of Tractors. What do yo think? Here is my first one.