Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yea for me, Central Market & Earth Day.

If blogs were living breathing things, I think my blog feels neglected. Its been a week and I haven't posted mainly because well, I'm tired. To the Bone, ridiculously hammered - I have triplets, I'm breast-feeding and I have no help tired. My husband has gone from snoring in his sleep to sounding like a wind tunnel. Seriously - I AM NOT KIDDING. It woke me up last night after wine and a 1 mg. Xanax. That's a feat. I worked 10 days straight then had yesterday off - which I barely accomplished anything past clean underwear and dishes. I was suppose to have today off too, but I got called in (certainly won't complain about work in this economy - keep it coming) and after than spent 3 hours at the kids school with the Book Fair & a helping out a sub in H2's class.

OMG - There is not enough mind numbing drugs in the world to make me want to teach kindergarten. After less than 30 minutes in that classroom I have felt like I'd I was being chased by the Terminator in a Tornado with Emeril screaming BAM every 5 seconds. It was like they all had ants in their pants. Holy Moly - I will pray everyday for the sanity of Kindergarten teachers. THEY NEED IT.

I did manage to trade in some plastic bags and get a new re-useable bag made from recycled water bottles from Central Market for Earth Day. Yea Earth Day & Yea Central Market. Yea extra money in the next pay envelope and Yea For me because I had the absolute best comeback on someone's Facebook entry. Sometimes a day just comes together.


Anonymous said...

Was that absolute best comeback of FB directed at me?? HA!!
FB is sucking my life away - I'm addicted to it.

Dijea said...

A cousin said they lost their breath in a yoga class. I asked them when they got it back.

I have such a strange sense of humor.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

There is not enough money in the world to make me teach kids!