Monday, July 26, 2010

Well, at least lunch was good

Today is a really hard, really emotional day for me.  Why?  I don't really know. I sit here at my desk ignoring all the things I should be doing - except laundry - a wife/mother can never escape the laundry.  I want to be exploring nature, I want to be taking the most amazing photo that I can get lost in later.  I want to be healthy (wealthy & wise).  I don't want to be cleaning my bedroom.  But then who really wants to be doing that?

Its a grey day here, which only translates to its not as hot in TX as it usually is, but exceptionally humid.

I didn't sleep Friday night, I passed out from exhaustion on Saturday night, then again last night spent last night up, again.  That is probably my problem, lack of sleep.  Well, this therapy session is going well isn't it?

I did accomplish a HUGE feat today. My kids ate what I consider a great lunch.  We had bread with olive oil, fresh strawberries, some apple, sliced cucumber & two different kinds of cheeses.  They agreed it was an awesome lunch and that we should have a picnic somewhere with a lunch like this.  Beats frozen pizza and processed lunch meat.  YEA...

And, unfortunately....back to cleaning that bedroom.