Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I just love presents!!!!!

I got up from the exciting news to make sure the cats were in and Turco, my Manx, was pouncing on something in the grass by the driveway. I called for Turco to come in, and nicely asked if he would kindly leave whatever prey was in his mouth outside. He dropped the snake on the patio, and came inside.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mario, Schmario

I've had to untangle the little kitty - Mario - from the soccer net twice today. What kind of idiot cat decides to fight with another cat thru a soccer net. He's now sleeping the excitement off.

Can anyone tell how my day is going?

Can anyone explain this to me?

So here is the deal, 18 months ago I gave notice at my work to leave this December. I have been a part-time Administrative Assistant at a Real Estate firm for the past 7 years - I started there full-time 12 years ago. I have my real estate license and now that my kids are older and my husband will be graduating this December, I was ready to do the Real Estate Agent thing. I gave plenty of notice so that they would be able to find someone who would be willing to work weekends and plenty of time to train them.

We found someone, they are almost fully trained. She up and quit and now being the dedicated worker I am I will stay until they find someone else. I am planning to stay with the same Real Estate firm as an agent and I can't very well upset the flow and maintain a good working relationship can I? What happens to me know it took a full year to get her all ready to go and now I have to start all over again.

The kicker - no one knows (at least it hasn't been announced), she wrote it up on her blog (which obviously I read) but no one at the office has been made aware of the fact that she quit. I don't have anyone to whine to except my husband and he's sick of listening to me (aren't all husbands?).

Any suggestions? Anyone looking for a part-time gig?

Maybe I'll start again after lunch.

It seems today is not my best days. I spent the majority of the time in the grocery store telling Hunter to stop touching things. I even got down on his level and told him to see with his eyes not his hands. I have to pride myself in not raising my voice, but cheez, what does it take to get kids to listen.

Mason has found a glass place that will replace the glass in the shower door frame for less than $100. Somehow I feel this will comeback and haunt me. It never fails that when Mason finds someplace to do it cheap, it gets screwed up and costs us more than if we actually spent the money to go to the expensive store in the first place.

Well, I guess we'll see how this goes.


I'm off to Las Vegas this weekend and decided I needed a new outfit for the trip. I'm out shopping last night and my phone rings - its my husband.

"We have a problem."

"What's wrong?"

"The glass in the shower door just shattered."

My first thought is - oh crap was anyone hurt. My second thought is - why the hell does this keep happening to me (us). I feel like I pissed of the Karma Police and this is retribution. Needless to say, I had to put off shopping for another day, I just didn't have it in me anymore.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I definitely need therapy!

"Hello, and welcome to gynie phone! For pregnancy press 1, for cramps press 2, for vaginal dryness press 3, for menopause press 4, for my husband needs an instructional pamphlet press 0 and and operator will be right with you."

I had the yearly today, I love my doc but hate the ritual. There has got to be a better way for a woman to have that done and not be violated.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let me out of here!

I've been sitting in my office for the last 4.5 hours, I have done maybe 30 minutes of actual work, not because I'm goofing off, but because there is no work to be done. I have played on the Internet, have looked at the Sunday ads, I have talked to whomever walks in the door.

CAN YOU SAY BORING? I have tons of stuff to do and am stuck here waiting to see if anyone brings me something to do. I realize I'm being paid, but I'm today I'm willing to forgo any money to get out of here.

Its a beautiful day and I don't even have a window. I must have pissed of the powers above.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nip Tuck, The Early Years

Aren't my babies cute?
I don't usually post the same picture on both my blogs, but this one warms my heart, because I'm looking forward to all the cosmetic surgery I could get (for free) if this becomes reality. If you are nice to me, I might get you a discount.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The big 100!

OMG, I've hit the big 100th blog entry , so here goes 100 things about me:

  1. 1 husband - Mason
  2. 2 kids - Ethan & Hunter
  3. 3 cats - Zelda, Turco & Mario
  4. I am a total slave to all of the above
  5. I love to read!
  6. I prefer summer to winter
  7. I enjoy photography
  8. I love nature and feel better when I am surrounded by it
  9. I grew up in a city on the ocean
  10. I am a native Texan
  11. I used to work in the same office as our current President
  12. I called him by his first name - I would probably do that if I saw him now.
  13. I've been in a movie (a bad movie, but a movie all the same)
  14. I've worked at my current job longer than I've known my husband
  15. I met my husband on a blind date
  16. I named my oldest son after the character John Wayne played in The Searchers & my husband's father
  17. I named my youngest son after my grandfather & my husband
  18. Two of my cats are named after video game characters
  19. The other one is named after Dallas Stars Goalie, Marty Turco
  20. I get so embarrassed for Larry David watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, I actually have had to stop watching a few times
  21. I love red wine
  22. I like sports - hockey & boxing for the blood, basketball & football for the action
  23. I believe in ghosts
  24. I once lived in a house where a man was murdered
  25. My last therapist said I have unresolved issues with my mother
  26. I watch too much TV
  27. I spoil my husband
  28. I have trouble sleeping
  29. I have a garden
  30. I have no fashion sense
  31. I was on the Tennis Team in High School
  32. I always feel like I'm one step behind on housework
  33. I once swallowed a quarter
  34. I am too sensitive
  35. I'm intimidated by some of my husband's family
  36. I am terrified of wasps
  37. I have a celebrity crush on George Clooney
  38. I don't have a tattoo, but my husband does
  39. My husband's hero is Homer Simpson (do you feel bad for me girls?)
  40. Humor is subjective
  41. I have family in New Zealand
  42. I live in Texas, but have never been to Mexico
  43. I work with a former NHL player
  44. I have made coffee for two former Governors of Texas
  45. I am 40 lbs overweight
  46. I am trying desperately to lose those 40 lbs
  47. I had 2 C-Sections (the first one was an emergency C-Section)
  48. I have a huge scar and probably 5 lbs of scar tissue from those C-Sections
  49. I was 39 when I had my first facial
  50. I live in flip flops in the summer
  51. I think Politicians are full of SH*T
  52. I'm afraid of the future
  53. My cat Turco snores
  54. So does my husband and my 4 year old
  55. I like people, they just disappoint me a lot
  56. My mother says I have poor punctuation
  57. I read when I was a teenager to get out of chores
  58. I sold peaches on a roadside stand when I was a teenager
  59. I have been bumped by a shark & a 2500 lb bull
  60. I once hurdled a barbed wire fence to get away from the 2500 lb bull
  61. I like fishing, but I won't touch a fish
  62. I have saddled a horse
  63. I don't see what everyone sees in Tom Cruise
  64. I check my e-mail 20 times a day, but I rarely check my voice mail
  65. I call my grandmother everyday
  66. I have nightmares after watching scary movies
  67. I caught a Peeping Tom staring in my window
  68. Geometry was the end of my mathematics career
  69. I write poetry
  70. I will probably repeat myself twice before I finish this
  71. I like my boss
  72. I still look for shapes in clouds
  73. I am passive aggressive and have a need control everything
  74. My husband is obsessed with video games - you might even call it an addiction
  75. I rarely wear earrings
  76. My first ever boyfriend - came out of the closet in college
  77. My brother is a dufus - I love him, but he's a dufus
  78. His wife is awesome
  79. I wish I lived in a small town
  80. I wish I had a weekend get-a-way (I will one day!)
  81. I get motion sickness
  82. Now that I have satellite radio, I will never go back to regular radio
  83. I think dogs smell funny
  84. I wish that I was more social
  85. I love my girlfriends
  86. The way to my honeymoon was plagued with disaster
  87. My husband took me to Hooter's while we were on our honeymoon (now you really feel for me don't you)
  88. I wish I started having kids earlier
  89. I still romantically head-over heals in-love my husband (But he drives me completely crazy)
  90. Becki will read this and ask why I didn't include the refrigerator story
  91. I think Gilda Radner was the funniest person ever on Saturday Night Live
  92. Terms of Endearment always makes me cry
  93. Hanover Street is one of my favorite movies
  94. My children are the best thing I've ever done
  95. I read The Brothers Karamazov for fun
  96. I made a doll when I was 13 - my grandmother still has it
I left the last few blank, well basically I'm an underachiever. I'm sure this will surprise me when I re-read it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

If only dreams came true.

My life is absolutely perfect. I won the Mega Millions last night, even though I didn’t buy a ticket. My children are complete angels, my husband wants me to take more time for myself and has hired a full time live-in housekeeper so I don’t even have to cook anymore. I’m also getting a Rolls & a Driver. Oh, and my husband has OK’d my adulterous affair with George Clooney. I also found some calorie free wine.

And pigs might fly out of my A**, but its nice to dream.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm going to throw up!

I needed a little quiet time, so thinking outside the box, I went and got on the swing set thinking my children wouldn't bother me there. All I got was motion sickness. Now, I need to go lie down.

I'm an Industrious Mom today!

So I've dropped off two kids at different schools today, washed bed linens, ran dishwasher, put away said dishes, burned 436 calories working out, ordered balloons for Elementary School Fall Carnival, purchased tickets for said carnival. I feel like I've accomplished enough to qualify for a nap, unfortunately that is not the case. I need to clean & pick up, re-load the dishwasher, plan for dinner, have a teacher conference this afternoon, oh and carpool at two different schools to accomplish all before 3 o'clock.

With all this to do, why am I still overweight? Why can't I sleep at night? Why do I think my readers care? Do I have readers anymore? Because no one ever leaves me comments!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

442 Calories gone just like that.

So I mentioned before that I was doing a Curves "Upgrade" to Curves Smart. Well, I went in all excited to get my tests done so that I could start my program - seriously I should have know when I got excited over a test that something was wrong. Anyway, Lady Carol did my range of motion and whatever the other thing was and off I went on my merry workout way.

The whole system is suppose to work with you on resistance and range of motion and let you know when you are working out efficiently, by giving you a green light, or not efficiently, by giving you a red light. I got some orange lights, mostly green, but all I know is I worked out harder and am more worn out that I have ever been after working out.

Then when you are finished you go scan your ID & see what you accomplished. I did 100% (When do I, Dijea, ever do 100%?) and I burned 442 calories. Yea!!! I'm so excited. Now in the big scheme of things I don't know if 442 calories is a lot, but all I know is my shoulders hurt, and I still haven't stopped sweating, or drank enough water.

I need a nap! But housework is calling me as both boys have friends coming over after school.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bonding with Moms, Volunteering & What Not.

Tonight I got together with four other moms from Ethan's school at a Fall Carnival planning meeting. I was a late addition to the group as a last minute volunteer, but I really liked all of them. One of them, may be my twin separated at birth - not in looks but in personality (she's thin & attractive, where as I'm voluptuous {fat} & look like a mom - which is really not sexy its tired). She and I would have more fun in the corner of a bar nursing a glass of wine discussing the patrons.

Anyway, I feel like I got off light - I need to take care of face painting supplies - balloons & tickets. I should be able to handle that. OMG - I better be able to handle that. I must go stand in front of the mirror and convince myself that I can.

I have my appointment at Curves tomorrow to get my "upgrade" workup to work on the new system they have. I'm SO looking forward to losing a few more inches and maybe a few pounds. Pray to the goddess of weight loss for me!

Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm feeling much better now.

I am a nature girl. I can't help it. I love to dig in the dirt, lay out in the grass and watch the clouds go by. I love flowers and spring and fall (mainly because of the temperature) and did I tell you I love flowers?

My friend Traci took me and my little Hunter to the Dallas Arboretum today and I had so much fun. Thank you Traci!! I took pictures, Traci took pictures, Hunter took the most pictures 109 on the little digital camera - I only managed 72, but I look at it as quality over quantity.

These are my two favorites of what I took today. To see Hunter's pictures go to Coplin Copy and check them out.

Laughter is the best medicine.

My day just got better exponentially. I called my friend Charlotte - she is always good for a laugh or a rant or whatever. Anyway, while talking to her about how bloated I am and that I can't even get my wedding ring on my finger, I looked out my window and there was the weirdest shadow on my next door neighbors house. It looked like a head on a stick. I'm think aliens have landed and relay this to Charlotte.

"Dijea, whatever medicine your on, I don't think the dosage is right. Seriously, you need to adjust the dosage."

I laughed so hard I lost my breath, tears streamed down my face and I almost wet my pants. Its amazing what a good laugh will do for you when your hormones are out of whack.

Its that time of the month.

There are times I truly do not enjoy being a woman. Some people hate housework, don't want to clean the toilet, laundry sucks, but for me I would gladly welcome every hot flash to never have my period again. I had to lay down to zip my pants this morning and then found I couldn't bend over in them because I'm so bloated. I have a headache, I hate the world, the politicians are nothing more than well-dressed rednecks and Pompous Asses. I have absolutely no tolerance for anything remotely stupid today.

So to fix my ghoulish mood, I'm off to the Arboretum for flowers and pumpkins and maybe I'll feel normal after lunch.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm so discombobulated!

Sometimes I feel like I live in a crazy insane asylum and that what I'm doing is just my wild imagination of drugs that the doctors have me on. That said, my week has been a little insane. I've been overwhelmed, can't get anything accomplished before three additional items get put on my to-do list.

Had to replace tires on the SUV; laundry is a never-ending chore; I can't seem to get the front flower bed winterized. I did get the Halloween decorations out in the front yard; however, they look pretty pitiful. The cats are systematically destroying the house. (My husband blames it on me, but I swear its the cats!)

I gave up red wine to lower my calorie intake thinking that would maybe help me reduce the waistline. That remains to be seen, however that is probably an entry unto itself. It's October and it won't get cold enough for the grass to stop growing, so its time to mow again. Do I really need to go on?

At least I didn't give up chocolate. I have to go, its time for tonight's bag.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Stars 4 Bruins 1

After the State Fair extravaganza Mason & I took the boys to see the Dallas Stars in their home opener in American Airlines Center. The rebounded from their Season Opener loss and won. YEA!! We got to see two fights in the second period, which is really one of the main reasons to go see Hockey - the blood factor.

Love me some Dallas Stars!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Move over Wolfgang Puck - Dijea's here.

OK so on my birthday my fabulous co-workers got me a gift certificate to Central Market and today I spent it. I bought beautiful 1 1/2 inch filets, fresh herbs, mushrooms, green beans, other stuff, a couple of bottles of red wine, made from organic grapes, and an angel food cake and tons of strawberries, black berries & raspberries for dessert.

I took those beautiful $35/lb filets and slathered them with a paste I made from fresh organic chives, fresh garlic and olive oil and I let that sit under plastic wrap for about 30 minutes. When you grill them they get a nice blackened herb crust that is oh so good. I made garlic mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. I also marinated some mushrooms in red wine and sauteed them for the steak. I poured myself a glass of wine and we set down to eat.

YUM! It was almost orgasmic. It seems that lately I really don't enjoy cooking because it seems that I am no longer creative enough to make something different. But today I felt inspired and it was absolutely worth every extra calorie I ate. I highly recommend you to do that soon.

Zelda came home.

My husband and I adopted a cat the first year we were married, she's a beautiful Russian Blue. Anyway, Zelda has a habit of just disappearing and it drives me crazy. The first time she disappeared I wandered the neighborhood for 3 days calling her, day 4 I called all the vets in the neighborhood and hit all the animal control shelters in the city. I did this three times in one week. Then in the middle of a thunderstorm I look up and she was sitting there waiting to come in.

Every year since then she disappears for about a week. This time she was missing since Saturday. Ethan will be glad to know that she's been home and been fed. She doesn't like the little kitty and I wouldn't be surprised if she runs off again. She won't come inside during the summer anymore because I think the air conditioning bothers her. She doesn't move very fast anymore and if you get anywhere near her she just hisses. The only person she will go to willingly is my father.

Dad, Zelda needs some lovin, when are you coming to visit her? Maybe you'd like to take her home with you?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Apparently, I've been tagged.

1. Post these rules before you give you the facts.
2. List eight random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) someone and list their name (linking to their page).
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!

OK, here it goes.
1. I call my grandmother everyday. She's one of the coolest people I know, is never negative & loves everyone.
2. I write poetry and have a secret fantasy about being a best-selling author.
3. I love music, but can't sing.
4. I used to run track and ran the 100 yard dash in 11.0 seconds - I hurt my knee and now couldn't run 100 ft. without getting winded.
5. I've been in a slaughter house.
6. I've sold peaches my family grew at a roadside stand.
7. I knew the moment I met my husband, he was "THE ONE."
8. I've never missed a skeet birdie (yes, I've shot skeet on more than one occasion.)

I tag:

Stehle & Ashley

Monday, October 1, 2007

Be Selfish

Women, every day do something for yourself, even if it is only sneaking a decadent sliver of chocolate. Take 10 minutes and read a book; lay on the grass and watch the clouds; take a bubble bath while sipping on a glass of wine.

Everyday millions of women lose a little of themselves taking care of other, most of whom take that for granted. Yes, my husband and boys included. They take for granted that I will make sure they have clean underwear, or food on the table, or their lunch box packed with their favorite lunch. Don't let it continue - take a little time to rediscover how great you are, because it will show in everything you do and maybe those crazy people in your life will actually notice everything you do and thank you for it.

BYW - Thanks Mom for everything you did.