Wednesday, October 17, 2007

442 Calories gone just like that.

So I mentioned before that I was doing a Curves "Upgrade" to Curves Smart. Well, I went in all excited to get my tests done so that I could start my program - seriously I should have know when I got excited over a test that something was wrong. Anyway, Lady Carol did my range of motion and whatever the other thing was and off I went on my merry workout way.

The whole system is suppose to work with you on resistance and range of motion and let you know when you are working out efficiently, by giving you a green light, or not efficiently, by giving you a red light. I got some orange lights, mostly green, but all I know is I worked out harder and am more worn out that I have ever been after working out.

Then when you are finished you go scan your ID & see what you accomplished. I did 100% (When do I, Dijea, ever do 100%?) and I burned 442 calories. Yea!!! I'm so excited. Now in the big scheme of things I don't know if 442 calories is a lot, but all I know is my shoulders hurt, and I still haven't stopped sweating, or drank enough water.

I need a nap! But housework is calling me as both boys have friends coming over after school.

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