Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Zelda came home.

My husband and I adopted a cat the first year we were married, she's a beautiful Russian Blue. Anyway, Zelda has a habit of just disappearing and it drives me crazy. The first time she disappeared I wandered the neighborhood for 3 days calling her, day 4 I called all the vets in the neighborhood and hit all the animal control shelters in the city. I did this three times in one week. Then in the middle of a thunderstorm I look up and she was sitting there waiting to come in.

Every year since then she disappears for about a week. This time she was missing since Saturday. Ethan will be glad to know that she's been home and been fed. She doesn't like the little kitty and I wouldn't be surprised if she runs off again. She won't come inside during the summer anymore because I think the air conditioning bothers her. She doesn't move very fast anymore and if you get anywhere near her she just hisses. The only person she will go to willingly is my father.

Dad, Zelda needs some lovin, when are you coming to visit her? Maybe you'd like to take her home with you?

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