Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bonding with Moms, Volunteering & What Not.

Tonight I got together with four other moms from Ethan's school at a Fall Carnival planning meeting. I was a late addition to the group as a last minute volunteer, but I really liked all of them. One of them, may be my twin separated at birth - not in looks but in personality (she's thin & attractive, where as I'm voluptuous {fat} & look like a mom - which is really not sexy its tired). She and I would have more fun in the corner of a bar nursing a glass of wine discussing the patrons.

Anyway, I feel like I got off light - I need to take care of face painting supplies - balloons & tickets. I should be able to handle that. OMG - I better be able to handle that. I must go stand in front of the mirror and convince myself that I can.

I have my appointment at Curves tomorrow to get my "upgrade" workup to work on the new system they have. I'm SO looking forward to losing a few more inches and maybe a few pounds. Pray to the goddess of weight loss for me!

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