Sunday, April 26, 2009

My peaceful place

I like to walk the lake by the house. Its nice, peaceful. I saw a Duck with her ducklings coming out of the grass by the side of the lake. How can anyone's blood pressure go up while looking at this? Seriously. As I continued around the lake I walked thru the Fish Hatchery. I hadn't gone 50 yards into the hatchery when I saw this. OMG - I'm obsessed with dragonflies so I feel like this shot was a coup. Not my best - but, do you know how fast those suckers can be?

I saw this tree and it made me laugh. It looks like its crossing its legs. Have 2 Pee?

I also hadn't been through the hatchery since spring has well, sprung. I forgot how green and overgrown it can get. I had on cropped work-out pants and will probably end up with poison something. Below you can see my peaceful place. I love overgrown green spots. IT MAKES ME HAPPY! It lowers my blood pressure it makes me want to twirl around with my arms wide open and say thank you for such a beautiful scene. It was a cloudy day and it really was this dark. I was waiting for the fairies to come out - I guess they were hiding. I must not have been fairy worthy today.

I managed a full 5 miles around the lake, took about 200 photos. There a definitely a few frame-able. I'm kind of stingy with my really really good photos. I don't' know why - I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I know that is what I would eventually like to focus on, so I save them "just-in-case". But the better ones are on the photo blog. I just hope someone sees them and appreciates them and sees the beauty I do or even the beauty I don't.

Hope the world has a good week - I'm off to get a gauzy skirt and some Birkenstocks. Ok screw the Birkenstocks they are ugly. I'll get some Keene's.


Better with a Bow said...

Wow I didn't realize what a wonderland you had so near. Good for you!
Your photos continue to blow me away.

Abby said...

I love baby ducks, they are just so cute!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You are very lucky to live near such a beatiful place.
Yes, I think that tree has to pee too!