Friday, June 29, 2007


I got to sleep late today, he took the boys out to play so I could have a quiet breakfast without interruption. He went to Sam's with me, pushed the cart and carried all the heavy stuff and he let me get a new Kate Spade bag. He is the best.

Most of the time our lives are filled with boring everyday stuff, like nagging to clean up, video games, crazy children and my complaining that he buys too many video games, but once in a while he surprises even me. He's come home with the one kitchen thing I just had to have or cleans the kitchen better than any maid ever could. He even cooked breakfast & dinner when I was on bed rest with my second child. It was two months of bed rest I might add. He changed diapers, he did late night feedings when he could, Hunter never would take a bottle (he's a boob man all the way) but he got up with me and helped even when he didn't have too.

My hormones must be out of whack today, because I usually would never say any of this, but I married a good man. I'm lucky, but then I think he's a little lucky too.

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The husband said...

I still want or WILL sneak "dIRT"