Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear President Bush, President-Elect Obama, The US House of Representatives, The US Senate and all other elected officials:

I understand your need to help corporations. I do. There are a lot of people who work for these corporations that will lose their jobs if you don’t. But stop for a minute and think about this. For example. You bail out the automakers. Great, most of the people who work there will still have a job. The upper management will get their bonuses. They will continue to make products that are not environmentally sound. But will that solve the problem if the average consumer is suffering so much that they cannot purchase any automobiles? The places that the money was suppose to go when Congress voted on it is not where the money is actually going. My husband has lost about 30% of his retirement in his 401K. Yippee!! The idea of saving more my kids college is not even imaginable due to the money it is taking to just put groceries on the table. Hello - $3 bread is kind of ridiculous. I’m amazed at how anyone can afford meat anymore and remain healthy. Even hamburger meat that is 85% lean – which is 15% fat is still 3.99 a pound and if you want better say 90% you are looking at $5 or better.

PEOPLE need help, not corporations. Forgive debt, or maybe let us get loans from you (if we qualify and only if we qualify) for no interest loans to refinance our debt. We need to stabilize the economy by starting from the ground up not the top down.

Let me make a few suggestions. Just small ideas that might help start you brainstorm to create a better America. First, lets think about what we need.

1. We need to lower unemployment by creating more jobs.
2. We need to create a way to lower debt in this country.
3. We need our corporations to remove waste from their budgets.
4. We need better healthcare.
5. We need to improve the environment.

Ok, so how can we fix it.

1. We need to fix some of the infrastructure. If we fixed the railways, (create jobs) we could get trucks off the road (cleaner environment and less wear & tear on the roads) and lower transport costs (lower grocery/fuel etc). This is a win/win situation in my book.

2. Corporations need to stop bonuses and “special” spa trips to keep their upper management happy. There are enough people out of work that could replace the jerks who want perks to stay in their jobs. CEO’s need to get their bonuses from end-of-year profits and not guarantee them bonuses just because they had a title. Also, make corporations pay a penalty for sending their jobs overseas. Keep the jobs here.

3. Healthcare is a big bummer, because the insurance companies don’t play by the rules, you are the government you fix it. How about limiting the profit margin – or saying that a certain percentage of their profits must go to healthcare cost of those unable to qualify or pay for insurance.

4. Offer tax incentives for all green building. Including insulation or improvements on current houses and REQUIRE builders to make environmentally smart choices like solar panels, or insulation etc. to cut our energy bills.

5. Offer no interest loans to qualified Americans to cut their debt. I realize that this is how companies make their money, how about not allowing credit card companies to charge 20% interest. I mean if I looked hard I could probably find a mobster who would give me a better rate. Ok, that was a joke, but you know what I mean.

Use some common sense. Get out of the money grubbing pockets of these corporations. Yes, they contributed to your campaign, but remember who voted for you. Who is the bigger percentage. The insurance/automaker’s CEO’s or the American People.

While you are at it, how about some term limits, maybe make it a requirement for all Americans to serve the government in some way, shape or form in their lifetime. Whatever it is, get off your butts and do something that will help the people of this country and not pad the pockets of Corporate America.


aka The Swandive said...

seriously - you are sending this in - right??
holy shit you are so right on.

Dijea said...

I did send it in to Obama's change.gov. We are all laughing at work as to when the Secret Service or FBI will be here to arrest me.

HeatherN3Boys said...

BWAHAHAHA! I can see the Men in Black at my front door, too. *snicker*

Good on ya' mate!