Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am monumentally bored...

I don’t think in the history of the universe I have ever been so bored. I am currently in the office and we have a ton of stuff to accomplish, but are waiting on either printers or deliveries. I can’t stand to be doing nothing. I have absolutely no desire what-so-ever to do anything that might help me personally. Like search for recipes or books or find something educational to read. I have filed everything, re-organized everything I can find and well am about to scream out loud just to get a reaction out of somebody.

I’ve called my husband, who has absolutely no desire to talk on the phone. He’s not a phone talker, unless of course I am talking about sports, which even though I understand most sports – I could truly care less about stuff like La Cross or Soccer; I’m more of a Hockey, Basketball or Football kind of girl. I’ve been working weekends so long, that now that I’m not, I couldn’t tell you a football players name to save myself, unless they are/have been or might be dating some ridiculous celebrity that shows up on every trashy website on the planet. I can barely keep up with the TV shows I’ve recorded much less learn sports guys names, teams and stats. Now, the only exception is really hockey, because well there is a propensity for blood, it’s the kids’ favorite and well, its fast moving. I also have a texting/tweeting buddy during the game I get easily distracted and all the stops and starts in football tend to make me lose focus and our basketball team falls apart in the 4th period so why bother.

I totally want to change the direction of my life at the moment. I don’t really know how to approach this subject with the rest of my family. Parents, husband etc. I so want to be more creative. I’ve always had a very creative mind, but I’ve always been pushed to use my left brain, be a teacher….be an accountant. Job security, stability, etc. etc. I hate boring jobs like that. I like working Real Estate, because for the most part no two houses are alike and I work with a group of very diverse people with interesting personalities. So professionally I’m happy. Personally, I would like to find the time to write more, maybe dip the toes into writing some short stories. Have the time to research some options with my poetry. I’d love to take pictures all the time, but its hard to balance home, family and hobbies. Since I’m working more, I have less time to keep the house – of course part of the problem is years of pack-ratting stuff. I’m very much in purge mode, which I did in the kids room yesterday. I dumped a 30 gallon bag of trash and got almost all the stuffed animals out of the room. My kids would not allow me to get rid of them, but maybe I can get them to forget about them after a while and “POOF” they are gone. Ooooh, maybe a squirrel could get in the attic and tear them apart. SHHH! Don’t tell.

I’m hoping to work on cleaning out the attic and garage. Having a garage sale, getting some stuff on Craigslist or Ebay. I might even venture further, but need to talk to the hubby first.
I must go plan my organization of closets. Peace out.


Bunny Bunster said...

On the job boredom is the pits.

The Unstable Blogger said...

I hear ya on wanting to tap into the creative side... I'm in freakin IT so I am in one of the most non-creative fields and it beats me down sometimes. I want to be out doing something that I feel is making a difference to someone or contributing in some way...or I dont know... SOMETHING that isnt just bringing in a paycheck but the problem is that none of that stuff brings in the paycheck that I am use to bringing in. Ugh.

I need a physical make-over so bad its positively ungodly and I need a mental reboot as well hahahaa but, what else is new?

I guess I'm trying to say... I can relate. :)

Good for you on the purging... I have to "phase out" my kids junk too. God forbid I get rid of anything...I have to 'store' it for them and then once they've forgotten about it, out it goes. :)

Abby said...

Ohhh be creative, I am totally supporting anyone doing anything creative, it relieves stress and makes you a more rounded person. Let me know what crafty things you get yourself into. By the way, my head has been buried in nursing text books all day so the boredom thing I totally understand, does drinking a variety of wines count as being creative, they are all different colors...lol..