Monday, October 27, 2008

Does anyone know where this is?

To say that I had a vivid dream last night would be an understatement. I dreamt of a house, not just any house a cute and ancient cottage from the outside with beautiful stone/rock detailing in grey and a beautiful dessert rust color. It was located on an large island a short distance from the mainland and could only be reached by boat. The grounds were beautiful and well-maintained with sidewalks and cobblestone baths and everywhere you looked was green.

In the dream my husband and I had bought this with another couple to redo. Why we chose a partnership I don't really know and my husband was really not a noticeable character in the dream. At first I said that we should take it to the studs and start over, then we walked in and I immediately new NO ONE was touching this house. It was completely furnished and overwhelmingly beautiful. The downstairs living room could fit my entire house in it right now. Huge cathedral ceiling, probably 4 alcoves of bookshelves along one wall creating private reading/studying areas. Embroidered chairs and beautiful wood tables. The only thing that needed to be changed was the lightly stained bookshelves and wood work needed to be stripped and stained dark. I don't remember much about the kitchen, but the bedrooms were amazing, the antique brass beds were covered in exquisitely detailed quilts. The furniture was amazing and I could quickly see how it needed to be arranged to fit each room as it was slightly cluttered. Amazingly enough there were no mold, mildew or old people smell anywhere in the house.

One wall of windows overlooked the sea and as we were standing in one long open room that had been used as a children's sleeping loft with beds everywhere I looked out and saw about 20 huge whales coming toward the island. The house shook. I know that would not happen, but this is a dream remember. It was earth shatteringly beautiful. We then were led out to the water to be shown the launch and unfortunately the alarm brought me out of a beautiful land and back to reality.

I want to go back and soon. I want to find that house and buy it. I want my dad to paint it.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting dream! So detailed.

big mac daddy said...

Were there any hot lipstick lesbians having a pillow fight in their underwear anywhere in this dream?

Dijea said...

No honey, I'm afraid there weren't any pillow fights in underwear in this dream.

Thank you for asking though. See what I have to put up with!