Sunday, October 19, 2008

My opinion matters, right?

AT&T has the worst customer service I think in the history of the Universe.  Yes, the Universe.  Apparently I cancelled my Dish with AT&T and added U-Verse to my bill, with a GIANT, termination fee.  Which of course I did not.  

Side Note:  ALL companies that require some kind of contract usually have crappy customer service or crappy services in general, hence, making you sign some ridiculous contract that charges you a GIANT cancellation fee because they suck and its their way of making you keep paying them.

Anyway, I'm a little upset with the above mention company, but did manage to find out while talking to a sales agent today (I didn't even raise my voice - I SWEAR!) - because apparently there is no customer service on Sunday.  Like no one has ever had a problem with their service on Sunday.  You can order new services (not cancel - I tried) but there is always someone available to help you purchase more crap from them.  I have been assured by the Dish Network people - Andrea you were absolutely fabulous! - that my service will not be turned off in the middle of tonight's True Blood episode.  THANK THE LORD!  And I will somehow manage to survive and plan my attack on the unsuspecting department in the AM.  

Got it?  Ya well, wish me luck!

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Abby said...

Go get em....I hate AT&T they suck. Our cell phone service is through them and we get screwed every month but thanks to that 2 YEAR CONTRACT we are stuck with them unless we want to pay $175 a phone to shut it off....Nice huh...I am so glad you are not going to miss your show, that is the worst. Good Luck dont throw the phone through your new ktichen wall when you get frustrated today!!!