Thursday, October 2, 2008

All this and I'm surprisingly upbeat

Today is not so much a bad day as its just off. I have a pain, a pain that I've had for about two weeks, it actually hurt so much this morning that I made an appointment to go see the doctor. I wouldn't normally 1) because its the female doctor and I already have my yearly coming up in less that a month & 2) I tend to procrastinate. But its my boob and I've already had one cyst removed and lack feeling in it most of the time; and I really don't want to find that I have a second one and didn't do anything about it. I'm sure I'll get a lecture for not calling earlier, but its probably just hormones. Better safe than sorry though.

I'm also incredibly disappointed with people today. My husband and I have a friend that's having a tough time and you know what - I'm pissed off that anyone would act with such callousness and hate for another human being. What really pisses me off is that its a woman doing this to her ex. I mean, its over, move on with your life. Beating someone else in the ground will not better you. And just in case you haven't been made aware of this there is thing called Karma. It will get you, I promise and I've already put my name in for a front row seat and a bag of popcorn to watch your demise.

The little cat Cagey who is just getting over a giant wound from his last war with one of the neighbors cats, has come home with a new giant wound. Luckily it is in the shaved area already, so maybe I can avoid another trip to the vet. The antibiotic shot he got is still in effect, so maybe I'm saved another vet bill.

I did manage to watch Private Practice & Dirty Sexy Money last night. YEA! I kind of liked what they did with Private Practice making it a little more edgy with moral dilemmas. I'm kind of wondering what happened to the blond chick - the twin on DSM. I mean where did she go? Did we just lose a character or what? Not as excited with DSM as I was last year. It may get marked off my list if it doesn't improve soon.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I hope that the day gets better. I am so glad that you are having your pain checked out!

I totally agree with the karma thing. There is a blogger that I wanna watch. One who is all high and mighty but I know different.

WOW! Did you read that as mmmeeeoooowwww???

The Unstable Blogger said...

oh yeah....karma will come kick you in the teeth when you least expect it...there isnt much in life you can truly count on but karma will always pay you an untimely visit if you've been a heinous bitch unnecessarily :) I've been donkey kicked once or twice, I got the message. LOL

I'm sorry to hear you are having pain but I'm glad you are going to get it checked out. Keep us posted and let me know if you need anything :)

Ok now I'm totally curious about the high n mighty blogger. I mean, I've tried to tone it down lately... hehehe *wink* Seriously, who has been naughty? lol

Dijea said...

Seriously Princess Mindy - give us the blogger, we will watch.

Abby said...

please please please tell me what happened in the last 10 minutes of private practice, I missed it when I went to CVS to get antibiotics for my horrible sinus infection. I saw when the woman broke her own water with the knitting needle but nothing more. email me and let me know thanks