Sunday, October 26, 2008

Have fangs?

I know I am soooooo behind the curve, but I just finished Twilight this afternoon.  Could not put it down.  I am somewhat obsessed by vampires.  1st with Moonlight, then with TrueBlood and now with Twilight.  They truly are the sexiest of all monsters.  Kate Beckinsale in tight black leather/vinyl or whatever didn't hurt that either.  I could watch Underworld ever time its on.  

Not that I'm looking for a vampire to lust after me, or become my lover, so if you are one, you are not invited into my house and don't come looking for me.  I'm just saying they are sexy.   I'm also about to start New Moon, if its as good as the first will be done by Tuesday.

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HeatherN3Boys said...

People keep telling me to read it... I am sooo sucking at life right now, so it's WAY down on my list o' books to read... I WILL get on it, though, I swearz!!!