Friday, October 24, 2008

Work for today and the weekend

Life is a whirlwind of change is it not? I find that day to day I always have something else to stress and worry about. Nothing is ever easy and from day to day something different always pops up to make my day just a little bit harder. Waiting till Monday to get any idea of when the second back surgery on The Husband is driving me insane. Probably him too, but this is about me not him.

I am looking for “inspirational” stories to read at the opening of the next PTA Board. (Yes, I am now in the “in-crowd” of the PTA Board. I feel special and accepted and well, basically all my insecurities are gone.) Anyway, I’m reading all this uplifting, I mean gut wrenching stories that are tugging at strings in my heart and feeling completely over-emotional. If I stay in this mode I will probably start to cry when I pick the children up just because they once lived in my body and are a gift from God.

Then I will get home and see the reality of the mess they have created. I’m then going to become an evil and mean mother insisting those children that 20 minutes ago were a gift of God are in fact spawn of the Devil, because no angels would keep their room like that.

I have promised myself that if I do nothing else this weekend I will clean up all the paperwork stacking in various parts of the house up. Yes honey, I just put it in writing so that means I have to do it or risk having you either make fun of me for all of eternity.

I want to take the new camera lens out this weekend as well, but will only do it if I can get all the other things on my to do list done. Wish me luck!


Bunny Bunster said...

Hope you are able to take the camera out this weekend and get some good autumn pictures!

Abby said...

Good Luck
p.s. I am almost 100% sure your children are not the spawn of the devil.