Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm crazy....it's official.

So the doctor called me this afternoon and spent probably 20 minutes on the phone with me.  Not bad huh?  I'm quoting here "you're crazy and you need to be medicated."  Now before you go and huff in outrage I totally took this out of context, but she did say that.  Bottom line its easier to treat hormone issues by treating the symptoms.  In my case the massive amounts of wired energy or manic anxiety with anti-anxiety meds.  My comment was that my husband was going to have a field day with me needing to be medicated and then she said the above quote.  "You can tell him I said you're crazy and you need to be medicated.  It will make his day."

Anyway, we are going to cut back on the caffeine - how am I ever going to stay awake during the day.  We are going to get a MRI to check out the fibroid issues to see if I can add hormones to the mix & work on getting me better sleep and probably send me to a shrink to get me on the right meds.  So basically I'm nuts, but we already knew that did we?


Abby said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS JOIN THE CLUB! yippeee we are proud to have you as a member. As a new member we will offer you benefit such as useless advice, self medication techniques, and tons of crazy opinions and support. AGAIN WELCOME TO THE CLUB. We hope you enjoy our company and support....LOL...crazy is just a state of mind that makes everyone else seem boring. The medications is just a perk. I hope you are feeling "NORMAL" soon

Dijea said...

You rock! I needed that!

The Unstable Blogger said...

awww so happy to have you join the crazy club ;-) tell the hub its HIS fault hehehehehehe

if ya wanna play "what drugs do YOU have", let me know... Lord knows I've tried damn near all of them.

Bunny Bunster said...

I medicate daily, it's the only way I can get thru the day.
Welcome to the club!!
Did you know this week is National Mental Health Week?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LOL...I am medicated too! I knew I loved you girls!