Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm making a great impression.

Well, I haven't been going to work (well at least this incarnation of work) for a month yet and already I'm having to call in sick to take care of a sick kid.  I know this happens, but as the lesser employed of the two parents I get the short straw.  When I say that I mean I am part time & my husband is full time.  He is also in the medical field and well, frankly its not that easy to replace him as it is me.

But poor little Hunter is coughing like a smoker of 80 years and has green snot running out of his eye sockets so its probably best I get him in to the see the doctor.  Wanna come to my house?


Smirking Cat said...

Poor little guy. There's not much worse than being completely stuffed up. Hope he feels a lot better soon!

nicoleantoinette said...

Aw, yuck.

Abby said...

Sometimes I feel that green snot and oozing eyes are just a part of my daily life. As soon as you think things are getting back to normal here comes so green snot that will eventually be wiped all over your jeans and white t shirt. I really hope your little man feels better, I am sure the green snot will be coming back to my small house in WV really soon.