Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nurse Dijea to the rescue

I feel overwhelmed again!  My poor little Cagey got beaten up again.  So after bleeding all over my bed, then oozing nasty slimy pink puss, we were off to the vet, shaved and shot up full of antibiotics he's home making the most awful of noises.  Probably whining about being dragged of to the nasty icky vet and then having to get a needle shoved in the back of the neck.  But hey, what kind of mother's are we if we can't treat our kids and/or animals with a few needles because we have their best interests at heart?

My little Hunter is sick again too.  He is a snot machine.  MACHINE!  I swear.  He is so full of snot that it is coming out of his eye sockets.  This has happened once before and I am so not looking forward to all the evil things I have to do to clear it out.  At least he's old enough to blow his nose and I don't have to suck it out of his head.  He also has a cough that has traveled down to his chest.  So either we are about to have a full blown asthma situation or we have the croup.  WHOO HOO!  The sad part about this is that he doesn't complain and when he does, OMG you might as well just take him to the ER and look forward to being admitted.  He started complaining about his through yesterday too.  So we will be spending the rest of the day curled up in Mommy's bed watching movies, playing video games and hopefully napping.  My guess is he will be playing Reader Rabbit or some other computer game all day, but whatever makes them happy.  Right?

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