Saturday, September 6, 2008

OMG - Violence and Crime in front of my eyes.

We are having guest for dinner so I ran off to a major discount/grocery store to get the pizza crusts (I'm too lazy to actually make my own pizza crusts- shh! don't tell.) I had to get a few other things like cat food, I swear I feel like I always need cat food.  Anywho, as I was walking to the exit I noticed a huge crowd of people hanging out by the doors.  There were mother's grabbing their children and running the other directions.  Kids were pointing, parents were pointing. People were laughing or bug-eyed with shock.  There was also several large guys in red shirts running for the door and a line of employees blocking the exit door.

I'm thinking:  This is going to be good. So I start walking a little faster to see what's going on.  You know you would have done the same thing.  Its human nature to want to look.

I was deeply disappointed to miss most of, but got to see the ending of a rather average looking dude being violently arrested by an either an off-duty police officer or security guard and about 5 store employees, pulling bottles of shampoo or soap or something from his pockets.  As they managed to wrestle him under control the guys is screaming "my pants, my pants" I think that in all the wrestling they were no longer going to cover his you-know-whats and I certainly didn't want to see that.  The security/cop was screaming "I don't care about your pants."  and why should he, while another employee was pulling more bottles of something out of his pants.  
I must say there were a few things wrong with this picture.  1st if your are going to shoplift I think you could do better than putting bottles in your jean pockets and untucking your shirt.  2nd  if you were going to shoplift in a major discount/grocery store wouldn't you go for some video games, electronics or maybe booze.  Why soap?  That's what baffles me.  Maybe he just really needed shower? 


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I think that they sell it on the street. For reals. We had a shop lifter here that stole body wash and shampoo....15 bottles worth at one time!

Abby said...

I know in my town people quit selling pot on the corner and started selling suave body wash, that cucumber melon is addictive, people actually pay $1.50 for it...That is a $0.50 profit. I cannot believe it took this long for the new trend to spread cross
Sounds like a fun time at the super market!