Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I can fix the ecomomy!

I know you are sitting around wondering how I can do this. Well, here's my plan - oh, and my husband helped. The government says we need $700 Billion in bailouts. Well, we can do this soooo much cheaper. We have approximately 305 million people in the US. So we take we give everyone $1 million dollars to pay off their bills and "BOOM!"; we've fixed the economy for only $305 million instead of $700 billion. Now I understand some business might fail, but think of all the mortgage companies that would be fixed if everyone could pay off their mortgages. And if business made stupid decisions, they deserve to fail.

Now, there are people who say that you give someone a million bucks and they are going to spend it on other things instead of paying off their bills. OK, lets revise this. Everyone presents a detailed list of their bills, government pays off current bills up to $1 million dollars. Then we could solve the worlds problems for even less, because my bills don't equal a million dollars. Do yours?

Dijea for President. Or maybe Secretary of the Treasury.


Big mac daddy said...

what do you mean the husband helped? I came up with this this morning? You think you're so cool with your Lego Batman abilities....don't you? He he

Dijea said...

You said give everyone 500K. Oh, and yes, I am cool with my Lego Batman abilities.

Abby said...

hey I will settle for 250K, we have a small house and not too many horrible bills,aside from student loans. The government would get off easy. I think I will write you in on the ballot!!!! Big Mac Daddy can be Vice

Anonymous said...

I like it!!

The Unstable Blogger said...

simma down husband...she gave you partial cred hahahaha

Dijea 4 Prez! Can I be in charge of something related to health care..specifically mental health coverage, etc? :) I can fix that!

Oh guess the hub should get an appointment too, eh? Or will he be the veep? Ya'll seem to be a good team... perhaps he'd be your VP.

Can we have Dallas Stars day when ya'll take over the nation? :)

Dijea said...

No we should have a Dallas Stars Month! and we are flying the Dallas Stars at the White House!