Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rumblings, Bumblings

I am completely and utterly stumped.  Me, Dijea, the one who could talk for hours has nothing to say.  I have writer's block or something.  I would like to say something witty about my interesting day, but nothing interesting happened.  I did admit that it had been a while since I shaved my legs.  I will be taking care of that tonight.  Excited?  Probably not.  I also worked out.  YEA!  Its been a while since I did that.  Probably since The Husband had surgery.  He goes back to work on Monday.  THANK THE LORD!  Anyway, this kind of hot guy took his shirt off for a second that was nice, but so did the 80+ year old that was walking with a cane so his wife could dry him off before they went home. 


That totally ruined the hot guy shirtless.   My husband baked a cake and cooked dinner today.  I feel like a failure at the mom thing.  Maybe I can do better when he goes back to work.  Maybe.  I feel kind of like a failure at a lot of things.  Although I did inform Mrs. Unstable about the whole Avery suspension before she heard it elsewhere - that is kind of a coup.  

I am looking forward to doing something exciting.  If anyone has any ideas, please do not hesitate to let me know.  Obviously I am having a creative crisis if you've read any of this post. I'm off to see if I have enough energy to do the next job in Mob Wars.  


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Mob wars on facebook or myspace? Cause I have both and I am playing Vampires on myspace...totally addicted!!

Post a recipe or show us those freshly shorn legs!!

Bunny Bunster said...

I baked a gazzilion Christmas cookies and made two kinds of fugde today!!

Dijea said...

Bunny, I'm coming to your house. YUM!

The Unstable Blogger said...

omg I play Mafia Wars, Fashion Wars and Vampires on myspace...

oh yes, anyway.... you so totally informed me of the Avery suspension before I heard it elsewhere. You are the best hockey news/mom blog buddy ever. I blog love you, man... as Heather would say! :-)

I have not done anything exciting in so long, I am not sure I would know how to process "excitement" if it were to happen.

wait, did someone say FUDGE?????