Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mike Rowe Played with my hair.

I went to sleep watching Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs and I ended up having the most interesting of dreams.  I had a hair appointment this morning.  The dream/job:  dyeing my hair!  Is that not the most awesome of all dreams, having Mike Rowe washing your hair - girls stop for a second and close your eyes and hear his voice and then imagine him running his fingers through your hair.  

You are excited now aren't you. 

Now imagine having that dream all-night-long.  Now you're jealous right.  Well, next time you have an appointment at the salon, watch Dirty Jobs the night before and you too could be this cheerful in the morning.


Heather said...

HAHAHA! Apparently you're on to something with the whole "be careful what you fall asleep watching thing." I fell asleep watching LOTR and had a dream about running from a neighborhood full of murderers, only to find what I thought was a safe haven, but the guy wanted to keep me as his pet and kept calling me "The Precious." I like your TV-dream combo MUCH better! LOL

Smirking Cat said...

After watching "Dirty Jobs", I would have to make the demand that Mike Rowe wash his hands thoroughly before touching my hair.

SpookyRach said...

~laughing at Smirking Cat~

That sounds like a really reaaallllly good dream.

Julie said...

I would let Mike Rowe wash my hair WITHOUT washing his hands!