Friday, December 12, 2008

Can you say Greedy__________....

I'm pissed off that the people (this includes politicians too!) can't get their heads out of their butts long enough to realize we have a giant problem. We are in an economic crisis and still we can't get what really needs to be done so that the US can get out of it. Here are some of the things that are pissing me off:
  1. The auto worker's unions refusing to take a pay cut. HELLO!!!!! Are you big giant idiots. I hope that the government doesn't bail your companies out and then you won't have a job and hopefully you will starve to death, because you were completely set on screwing the rest of America because of your greed.
  2. I think the fact that we are planning to spend WAY too much money on inauguration parties when America is going broke is WRONG! Truman didn't go crazy in the depression, why should we do it now. Its common sense guys.
  3. Health care - don't get me started on health care.  I can't afford the health care I have, which doesn't cover enough.  And I don't think socialized medicine is the answer either because waiting 6 months for an MRI is just ridiculous.  There has to be a happy medium.   Maybe routine exams, vaccines and emergent care under one umbrella.  While major medical is an additional something.  Heck, I don't know the answer, but something has to be better than the current system
  4. Oh and one other complaint.  WHY cancel quality shows on television for reality crap that sucks.  ABC you cancelled my favorite show - Eli Stone.  What's left Dancing with the Has-Beens.  Even if I accidentally cross that show on the way to something else I throw up just a little in my mouth, and as "uplifting" as Extreme Home Makeover is I can't stand to watch it anymore.  EVER.  Give it a rest please, besides all the house keep getting foreclosed on.

Rant over for the time being.  Enjoy your weekend.


Smirking Cat said...

Recession or not, there's always a spare million to pay actors or athletes...just not to invest in health care or real issues. Sad.

The Unstable Blogger said...

the govt should NOT bail out the freakin auto industry... and I hate to go all tree huggin hippie on ya but greed is destroying our nation and I really hate to think of where we'll be if we keep going like this

Abby said...

Amen to the health care, I think that is a huge issue, more important than some crazy inagural party. I saw last night that the tickets for the parties are $50,000 REALLY WHO IS GOING TO PAY THAT???Oh, and ABC is on my sh*t list too, they are cancelling Dirty Sexy Money, and although the show is a bit out there, I LOVE IT! What a bummer, no affordable health care, and nothing to watch on tv will you are self medicating at home because you cannot afford to go to the hospital.