Saturday, December 6, 2008

Does Democrat = Creative?

Do you have to be a democrat to be truly creative?  I mean most actors/writers/celebrities are democrats aren't they?  Yes there is that guy, you know, the one who's now governor.  And that other ex-governor, but he used to be a wrestler and that's not creative is it?  

I am convinced I am a liberal republican or a conservative democrat.  Does that make me an Independent or what?  If I'm a liberal republican should I just give up all  my creative dreams, or do I just choose the conservative democrat so I can be famous?  Yes, I know I will only be famous in my own mind, but that's OK with me.

Yes the election is over, but the new government is being formed.  I say new as if its really going to change, but we know it really won't.  There are so many current politicians or former cabinet members from current/previous administrations that there really is no NEW its only RE-organized.  But that's not what this post is about.  Do you know any creative Republicans?  Seriously, creative types are generally democrats.  I don't know many conservative celebrities.  
So I guess my question is...  Does Republican = boring? 

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HeatherN3Boys said...

I consider myself a Republican with Deomcrat tendencies. LOL I can do things like knit, sing like nobody's business (I've been known to tear up Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey in crowded bars, as well as Judy Garland to a standing-room-only auditorium), and even write a little, but I think I'm boring. LOL So I guess I'm just another example of a boring Republican. LOL I'll have to look into this one... Now you've got my gears a'turnin'. :-)