Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random, Random, Random

OK, thank goodness for the invention of Tivo or the DVR or whatever it is we use.  I could not keep up with either Grey's Anatomy or Lost tonight, because it is the first game of the Dallas Stars VS the Detroit Red Wings.  Important Stuff!!!!!  I could forgo any sport except Hockey.  I prefer Hockey to anything, yes, its a little harder to follow the puck than say a basketball, but 1)  Hockey guys have better bodies.  True Fact.  2)  There is a higher chance for blood than in almost any other sport - except boxing & cage fighting. and 3)  I get to listen to Razor.  His superlatives are unique & inventive and hockey is not the same without Razor as color analyst.  

I will work out again today.  A little walking and upper body weights.  Ye Haw!!!  I know you can barely stand it.  I picked up the boys today.  I sweated entirely too much for it being still the first part of May.  I'm starting to think its body weight that is causing it and not temperature.  I seriously don't feel fat and unattractive, but I know that I need to lose weight so applaud my effort.

I also got all the random paperwork I've been piling up intending to file in the actual file cabinet.  And in hanging folders with labels.  I feel like I actually accomplished something.  Now if I can just quit drinking Dr. Peppers.  I made the stupid mistake of buying a case at Costco.  S-T-U-P-I-D.  I guess when they are gone they are gone and I'm not buying anymore.  

MMMM Water.

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