Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BTW, did I tell you about my Mother's Day?

The husband is always an "over the top" kind of guy.  He can never just get me flowers or a card, it always has to be the biggest and the best.  I know its because he loves me and wants to show me with gifts,  and because he's a guy he doesn't know how to cuddle.  

AAAWWWWW.  Isn't he so cute and adorable.

He mounted a 32 inch LCD HDTV and got me my own Satellite Box with DVR.  

I told him I was never leaving the bed.  And Honey, thanks!!


nicoleantoinette said...

I think that equates to a lot of cuddling, haha, excellent job husband!

Bunny Bunster said...

Do you think maybe he had an ulterior motive?? ~snirk!~

The Unstable Blogger said...

does he have a brother??


Kudos, husband! Well done! :)

Dijea said...

He does have a brother - married though. Although he is hairy like Turco.

The Unstable Blogger said...

If he were to ever become single, would he wear a goalie mask and allow me to call him Marty? ;-)