Monday, May 5, 2008

I am completely nuts.

Most of you who have met me personally, already know this, but last night I stayed up and watched a full hockey game and 4 periods of OT.  YES 4.  There were guys - big hockey fans - who gave up long before I did.  


The game ended at 1:30 am thanks to an incredible job done by Marty Turco in goal and an awesome goal by the scrappy-cappy, Brenden Morrow. Unfortunately after the stress of about 130 minutes of hockey, I couldn't sleep.  So I dragging a little most of today.  In fact I am still so tight in my shoulders I had to schedule a massage.  I have a two hour deep tissue scheduled tomorrow evening.  I just HATE it when that happens.  Don't you?

Hey Red Wings.  We will kick your a**!  Well, at least my beloved Stars will. 

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