Friday, May 9, 2008

Is anyone else confused???

WHAT??  I'm a little confused after watching LOST last night.  Is Claire dead?  If not why is she with her Dad.  Are Jack & Claire going to figure out they are brother and sister?  The Locke stuff was kind of freaky!!!!  And that weirdo guy (you know with all the eyeliner) looks the same in the flashbacks and he did on the island a lot of years later.  

Grey's was good too.  Rose is nice, but Derek needs to be with Meredith.  Seriously.  There has been all this talk of Ms. Heigl wanting to leave Grey's - I say SEE YA!!  I don't like her character and I personally don't care for her.  She wants to pursue movies.  I haven't liked one she's done so far.  I guess she can join the ranks of all those actors who thought they could do better and instead just fade away.

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