Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So the whole "diet" thing is working so well.  Can you just see the sarcasm dripping from the page?  I did walk today. WALK.  I'm smoking up the asphalt.  I read all these blogs about people running marathons, 20 miles in a day, or working out constantly.  I walked - I'm so bad - for a whole 1/2 an hour.  I guess if you don't do anything then that's an improvement.  Right?  Well, let me add on little thing to that I did it in Earth shoes.  Know what those are?  They are shoes with a "negative heel".  Basically these shoes make your heel lower than the ball of your feet.  

The first 1/2 of the walk all I could think was I am going to have charlie-horses all night.  I'm going to wake up every thirty minutes screaming and clutching my calves.  Then after they got good and stretched I kept thinking how hot my legs were going to look - ya, and I'm going to turn into Haley Berry in a skin tight cat suit.  (that was for you husband).  

Anyway, I made an effort, even if it wasn't much.  I also cleaned closets, and re-arranged stuff in my house, so I wasn't a complete potato today. I am also going to make the effort at least 5 times a week and include other forms of cardio (ya right, walking is cardio) and doing a little weights, yoga/pilates and whatever else I can think of.  


Anonymous said...

And aren't the Earth Shoes supposed to burn more calories? :-) I love Earth Shoes...I bought a pair from earlier this year and they're really comfy.

Anonymous said...

The biggest shopping mistake I've made was buying a pair of $100 Earth Shoes. The negative heel doesn't bother me, but they are just SO uncomfortable. The gave me blisters galore and scraped up my feet to the point of drawing blood. I spent so much money on them that I wanted to give them a chance but they ultimately wound up in the garbage. After 6 months they couldn't be broken in. Crap shoes.