Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Zealand Day 9: The market

Nelson has a wonderful market on Saturdays.  It has rows and rows of many booths with all sorts of homemade products.  From jewelry, wool items, homemade soaps, wood works, and clay and potter items.  We wandered thru most of the morning.  Mom got a wonderful necklace.  Lizzie got some garden art and a few paintings for the house.  I wish we could have had Amy join us, but with the new baby she kept close to home.


We also went   to the WOW Museum.  World of Wearble Art  You have to check out the picture above.  The dress is made up entirely of Q-Tips.  I'm serious.  You couldn't take pictures in the section with the fashions, but you wouldn't believe it.  Toilet paper gowns.  Icing, pig bras.  It was bizarre and really cool.  Got on a quick flight back to Wellington to get ready to come home.


Bunny Bunster said...

I can see the Q-tips at the bottom of the hem! Way cool!!

Dijea said...

You should have seen the bra that looked like pig heads. It was slightly strange. There was also a bikini bottom out of weird looking masks. Kind of strange.