Friday, May 16, 2008

Hello - ideas please

Does anyone know how I can get $2000 fast.  I need this:

REALLY, REALLY BAD.  Let me repeat myself "I need this really, really bad."  I think that I might try something stupid like packing up any CDs, Videos, Video Games and Books and running to Half Price Books and selling them.  I would only probably get about $30, but that would be $30 bucks toward my camera.  I have a outstanding bill for admin work I did on the side and some money in a Mother's Day card from someone in the office, but that still only brings me to about $150 if I'm lucky.  

So, any ideas?  Can you still sell blood or plasma? If so, I say bleed me dry.  I'm not willing to do anything that might get me arrested - so don't even start with the selling my body comments.  In my current condition I would only get about a buck-50 so that's not really worth my time.  Could I start some kind of fund?  Should I start stealing from my husband's wallet, the kids savings.  OK, maybe not the kids savings, but technically that's my money because I am the one that put it in there.  Seriously, I would never steal from my children.  Well at least not for a camera.

I know that I have a nice economic stimulus check coming, but I really don't want to "stimulate" the economy with it.  I want to "buck the system" and pay off a bill.  I know that's not very republican of me.  

Whoops, we are getting off track - I need that camera.  How do I get it?  Seriously, I'm up for suggestions.


The Unstable Blogger said...

send the hub to ye ole sperm bank...they pay at the time of umm "deposit", right?

look around the house for stuff to sell on ebay? not your stuff, of course haha j/k (maybe)

oooh! I know, practice your best Miss Cleo voice and pretend you are a psychic. I bet you'd make a killin. I was gonna learn to read tarot once (yeah, dont ask) ..U know there will be a ton of ppl down at the AAC tomorrow. You can do "readings" and I will do their tarot. LOL Sure it'd be a scam but I bet we could make you a few hundred. ROFL, I cant believe I'm writing this. Have I mentioned I've done online readings? LOL

Smirking Cat said...

Yard sale? Seriously, people will buy almost anything.