Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reward thyself!

Like a good girl, instead of curling up and doing nothing I unwedged myself from the dinner table and went to work out. I somehow managed to burn a killer 393 calories in my 30 minute workout. My first thought as I am walking out the door is I should reward myself with a coke. I haven't had one for two whole months except for the plane ride to & from Vegas because I have a little motion sickness thing going. My second thought is well, I can have a glass of wine without guilt.

Somewhere I have to get it in my head that to lose weight, I actually have to stop doing those bad things, no sugar, no coke, no wine, no white bread - I refuse to totally give up carbs - except I did sneak in a few flour tortillas yesterday.

Anyway, somehow I came to my senses and decided to order some books online. I figured if I workout I deserve a little lie down with a good book. Just please don't make me feel guilty that they are not what sophisticated people would call "literature" they are popular fiction & chick lit. A girl gotta have her vices right!

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