Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cowboys vs Packers

For those of you that are Packers' fans, this is not a dis for your team. I am a big Farve fan, in fact one year he did wonders for my Fantasy Football team. This is to talk about what a complete waste it is to have Bryant Gumbel doing play-by-play on the NFL Network. What a complete sports dork! He kept referring to the Cowboys as the Packers and the Packers as Green Bay during the first half of the game. At least he got one team correct. He also said that Barber was the "Heart & Soul" of this Packers team. WHAT???? This brought on a 10 minute rant from my husband. Does he not do his research? How does a stupid morning show host, get to do play-by-play on the NFL Network? They want cable networks to subscribe to it, they should spend a little money and get an announcer that actually knows football.

I have never heard my husband complain so much about the announcing of a sports game. One more thing, GO COWBOYS!

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The Unstable Blogger said...

Girl... the more I read your blog the more I just know we must be like seperated at birth or sister in another life or something cuz I went on a rant that was almost word for word in spots to yours about that stupid Gumbel doing sports. He's a douche. Plain n simple. That was so painful...and when we switched over to channel 27 hoping the commentary would be different than what was on the NFL network and there was that doofus on there TOO...oy!


The funny thing about this also is that I, too, love me some Bubba Favre and like Packers - except when they play the Cowboys! ;-)