Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Official

Yesterday at our office meeting (I wasn't there) they announced to the agents that I am leaving my staff position at the end of the year. They also announced that the girl that was suppose to replace me decided to go back to school full time and won't be there either after 1 year of training and that everyone should be forewarned that things will be different. I've been staff there for over 12 years and its not an easy thing to change positions for me or the agents I've worked for.

I'm excited about the possibility of really getting out there and helping people get that home they always wanted. Believe me when I say this - DO NOT RENT, BUY!! Why throw your money down the drain (or into a landlords pocket) when you can buy a house or condo and put equity into your home not someone else's. I know its hard, initial investment that kind of thing, don't wait until you can buy your dream home. You'd never get there because your dream home would keep changing with all the new trends. But if my husband and I would have waited to purchase a home, because of the increase in property values, we couldn't afford the home we own now. It has doubled in value in 10 years. Talk about a return on our investment!

Don't know how to start, talk to a Realtor, talk to an Investment Counselor or a Mortgage Broker and see what you qualify for and start working towards homeownership - its never too early.

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Farrah said...

I hate wasting money on rent, but there is no way I can afford to buy a home by myself. I saved money for a downpayment for 6 years before I gave up. Making my landlord rich just about kills me.