Saturday, November 17, 2007

OMG! The biggest dork ever was just in our office.

Why is it that so many women are completely bowled over by a handsome face and a little charm? Just because a man is charming does not mean he is a man of substance. This particular dude has got to be the biggest dawg. I've heard him talk about making-out with old chicks at a fundraiser (he was talking about women in their 40's); I've heard his friends talk about trolling for women on a street that is know for its hookers.

He holds a party saying it is for charity, then doesn't give but a teeny-tiny amount of the money to charity and keeps the rest for himself. Not only does he think he's fabulous, women I've always considered smart, savvy & on top of things fall for it hook-line & sinker. What is wrong with the world?

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The Unstable Blogger said...

Argh! I have no idea what women find so appealing about guys like you describe in this post. I too know women who are otherwise intelligent and rational but seem to catch a bad case of the stupids when one of these smarmy assclowns come oozin around. What gives? Is it the right to say you "tapped that"? Ick. Is it an ego boost to see if you can get his attention since these scumbags are known for having "hot babes" around all the time? Which btw, a lot of the time these guys who want to appear like they are Playa O'Da Year do have really "hot" women with them...cuz they were paid for ahead of time! Duh. Or it is an instance of shallow social climbers banding together to take over their nuveau riche, or worse - wanna be nuveau riche, corner of world. Just as ick.

Remember kids, money does not buy class. Two words: Britney. Spears.