Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That was HOT.

I have lived in Texas all my life. At my house a fun game is to see how many chili petins you can eat before you break out in a sweat, go for the cheese or milk or water or whatever. I was raised on Mexican food and would eat it every day of the rest of my life and be totally happy.

So when I came home today, I opened up a new jar of hot sauce I bought at Central Market yesterday to see how wonderful it was. Well, it knocked my on my a**. I have lost all the mascara on my eyes, I used an entire box of Kleenex blowing my nose (well, at least I'm not stopped up anymore). I am a little tweaky in the stomach due to the peppers. I also feel like there is heat coming of my eyeballs. THIS STUFF WAS HOT!!!!

I'm embarrassed to actually admit this, because my parents will read this and laugh at me and I will never live it down. Dad, I dare you go by some Two Hot Mama's Salsa Co. Salsa Roja in HOT.

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