Sunday, November 11, 2007

Could use a little bit of help!

I don't feel good most of the time. I am always tired, my joints hurt, I feel bloated and stopped up, I don't sleep (maybe I should say I have a hard time getting to sleep and then staying asleep), its so hard for me to get going in the morning (it takes about an hour of being out of bed before I can think normally) and I can't lose weight no matter what I try. I also have problems with my legs - the doctor says its probably Restless Leg Syndrome, however I can't take any medicine, it makes me nauseous and doesn't allow me to sleep at all.

Now regarding the weight issues, I am currently working out 3-4 times a week at Curves (been doing so since May). I am now participating in the Curves Smart which tracks your progress on each machine and adjusts the machines accordingly. It takes in your weight, body measurements & range of motion and sets up the machines just for you. At the end of each workout you see the results - like which muscles groups you worked the most, where you need to improve and total calorie burn. My calorie burn ranges from 327 to 462 in 30 minutes over the past three weeks. I have also been working on portion control and limiting processed foods, I also haven't had a soda of any kind for over 2 1/2 months. I have not lost a pound!

I've had every blood test known to man, I feel like my doctor and my husband think I'm a hypochondriac and I think my doctor thinks I'm depressed because he keeps shoving anti-depressants at me. I may have issues, but I tend to be in a manic state, not depressed and I don't respond well to any medication and I do mean any medication. I can't take anything for allergies, pain meds make me sick - nothing. My doctor has also said it could be Fibromyalgia - great a damn disease you can't take anything for! But could be and is are two different things.

My mother (and I) think it might be thyroid, but all test come back normal the only thing I haven't had is a MRI or CAT scan of my thyroid, but that tends to be a little expensive. I could be in menopause (I'm not even 40, but I am having hot flashes). Do I find a different doctor, do I go get acupuncture, go on a liquid diet, become a vegan?

I'm so sick of feeling like crap and not being able to lose weight. I frustrated and would appreciate any advice and/or words of encouragement.


Farrah said...

I don't have much advice to offer, but I often feel like crap also for no apparent reason. And you're not alone with not being able to take pain meds -- I can't take anything stronger than an Advil/Tylenol (or two) for pain, and even that is pushing my stomach's limits some days.

I hope you get to the bottom of whatever ails you. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling lousy when you're taking care of yourself and every doctor says there is nothing wrong. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Um, I just happened on this and don't know you, but this might be worth thinking about...

RLS is often associated with other problems. And celiac disease is one of those. People with it are misdiagnosed for so many things and many docs think you can't have it if you aren't skinny and wasting away. But, that's not true. So, it might be worth looking into. Just remember, that this condition has over 200 symptoms and it doesn't have to include GI distress. Problem is that most docs won't agree to test you if you don't have GI stuff because they don't realize how prevalent it is.

Of course, it could be thyroid or fibro (which also runs hand in hand with RLS).

Oh, one last thought - do you sleep in a bed with a partner at night? if so, does he or she notice you kicking? This is another very strong possibility - PLMD - periodic limb movement disorder. I have PLMD and RLS. My partner has celiac and RLS. :-)

At any rate, hope you find out what it is.