Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I can't help it, its just the way I am.

I AM A TOTAL NERD! I didn't get to work out today, so somewhere in my brain I decided that I would work out at home. I tried some core exercises. One is where you hold yourself up and only touch the ground with your toes & forearms. I made it a whole 15 seconds. I also tried push-ups due to dome inspiration from Krista who did 82 push-ups yesterday. I manage 10. I did some leg lifts 3 sets of 8 on both legs, they now feel like I ran a marathon. I have no endurance, none, zippo, zilch. I workout three times a week, in fact I burned 401 calories at Curves yesterday. How can I do that and not be able do more than 10 push-ups?

So now what am I doing? I'm sitting on my exercise at the computer because somewhere I read that it suppose to work your abs. Ya right! Just call me NERD ATTACK! I'm destined to be a voluptuous size 14 for the rest of my life (yes, voluptuous, I don't use the word fat.) How many times do I have to say that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. I should be considered hot not overweight.

FYI, the definition of voluptuous:

1 a: full of delight or pleasure to the senses : conducive to or arising from sensuous or sensual gratification b: suggesting sensual pleasure by fullness and beauty of form
2: given to or spent in enjoyment of luxury, pleasure, or sensual gratifications

Ooh, that sounds dirty! Works for me!


Krista said...

Push-ups are the devil's exercise. I swear.

Miriam D said...

You read my mind. Yesterday, when I decided I would work out despite not being able to take a shower, I devised a full circuit workout: 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 jumping jacks, etc... then repeat 10 times.

Yeah, I only made it through one circuit. And my legs hurt today. Why am I cursed with a lack of muscle?