Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Is sleep really too much to ask?

I have trouble sleeping. It takes me forever to get to sleep at night, and then the slightest noise will wake me up (usually Mason's snoring). Even though I know I should get up and do something productive, I am so tired and lay in bed trying ever so unsuccessfully to get back to dreamland.

That being said, it is even worse these days. With the whole sick Hunter problem, now Ethan is a coughing machine, although he is much easier to take care of than Hunter. He got up at 11:15 last night and got in bed with me. Snuggled up all tight against me. This was fine until I had a hot flash (I'm not even 40!). Mason went to sleep in Ethan's room and I made them change beds - probably somewhere around the 1AM to 2AM hours. Then Hunter wet the bed at 5:30 so I'm totally running on empty.

Although my husband is very helpful around the house and will do anything I ask him most occasions, if he is already in bed asleep, forget asking him to get up. So I guess I am destined to be up at night with children, cats & whatever else there is to take care of for the rest of eternity. For the record, we are never getting a dog, I am not getting up to let that creature outside to pee at 3 am. I'm just not.


Miriam D said...

You and me both, Dijea, you and me both.

I don't think it is asking too much!!!

Smirking Cat said...

I wake up every hour, on the hour, it seems, and you're right, it leaves you drained! The usual culprits are my cats, who apparently can't stand to see me sleeping, even though they sleep 23.5 hours a day....do you sleep better when the kids are not sick?