Friday, December 21, 2007

Help, I'm a little lost.

I'm having issues today.  A fish out of water if you would.  Yes, I got more retail therapy yesterday with a new computer.  Not just any computer, my first Mac, and I-Mac to be exact.  There is a little bit of a learning curve going from a PC to a Mac.  I used to be on the cutting edge, I have an Accommodation from the Network Department from Saks Fifth Avenue when I saved the whole west coast from a virus that hit the network department, I talked stores into uploading their POS systems without hooking up to the contaminated Network back east.  I saved the day.  I used to set up workstations and take care of daily maintenance at the company I work for now. 

Now I can't find the 30 day trial of the two word processing programs on my new computer.  I called my husband to ask him why they weren't there.  He told me they were in applications and to dust put it on the desktop.  I can't find applications.  


Miriam D said...

It should be on your dash. You know, the thing on the bottom (or side) or whereever you put it. Or just open up a finder window (Finder --> new window) and applications should be on the left bar. This is coming from a regular Mac user. And iMacs kick ass. Email me if you really need help, though I'm at work using a PC so I don't have my iBook or minimac as reference.

And welcome to the world of Apple Users. You are now officially computer trendy.

Anonymous said...

Let us know how you like the Mac. All of our more-technologically-inclined friends recommend them, but I admit I am all but bass-ackwards and it would probably take me a few years to figure it all out and that would just be embarassing. LOL

That One Guy said...

Wow! a MAC and an iPhone!! Soon you'll be a die-hard! Your applications shouldn't be too hard to find if you just surf around a bit.

I've had many Macs over the years, and just recently went from a POS PC to a MacBook Pro for work. Can't imagine how I stayed away from Apple for professional use for so long - love it!!