Monday, December 17, 2007

The Ultimate in Retail Therapy

Although my mother will cringe when I say purchasing this was Retail Therapy. But it truly was.

I have an I-Phone!

Would it be bad to say Nanny-Nanny-Boo-Boo? Well maybe, but it is sooooooo awesome. I can do anything on it. Anything. I can have multiple e-mail accounts. I can turn them on and off as I need them. I have Google maps & can look at it by satellite. Its an IPod, I have Internet. When you text it pops up with little dialog balloons. OOOOOH! It keeps a calender, I have world clocks & weather (now I'm showing my age) a calculator as big as the screen and a pretty decent camera.

Miriam got some cool stuff too, she inspired my Retail Therapy entry for today. Oh, and a special thanks to Troy (my company's IT Guru) who got my work e-mail on it and working - Yea!!

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Miriam D said...

Oh, haha, I'm so glad I've inspired others to shop for themselves :). Clearly we don't do that enough during the holidays...