Monday, December 31, 2007

Change in Plans

So I'll be spending the night at home instead of watching the STARS game live and in person and in a Suite - yes, a suite.  My oldest child, E, has explosive diarrhea - his words not mine - and we won't be going.  Mason might be with his brother or a friend of his, but not us.  We will be watching something stupid on TV -

WAIT!  NO, we will be playing Lego Star Wars: TCS.  Yes, my night is looking up.

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The Unstable Blogger said...

Ya know, I was suppose to go to the game too -- though not in a suite (damned jealous doncha know!) -- but I didnt make it there either.

I spent my NYE hanging out in my jammies watching the game and fighting to stay awake til midnight.

Another lively NYE at casa de Unstable. woooooo.